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| marzo 22, 2021

FCC CFR 47 PART 15 C (15.247)

c crane wifi 3 description of Device (EUT)

EUT Internet Radio
Test Model MA-200
Additional Model No CC WiFi 3
Model Declaration PCB board, structure and internal of these model(s) are the same, So no additional models were tested
Power Supply Input: DC 5V
Hardware Version V2.0
Software Version 20200922.1610
Bluetooth :
Frequency Range 2402MHz ~ 2480MHz
Chanel Number 79 channels for Bluetooth V4.2(DSS)
Chanel Spacing 1MHz for Bluetooth V4.2 (DSS)
Modulation Type GFSK, n/4-DQPSK, 8-DPSK for Bluetooth V4.2(DSS)
Bluetoth Version V4.2
Antenna Description External Antenna, 0dBi (Max.)
WIFI(2.4G Band) :
Frequency Range 2412MHz-2462MHz
Channel Spacing 5MHz
Channel Number 11 channels for 20MHz bandwidth(2412MHz~2462MHz)
7 channels for 40MHz bandwidth(2422MHz~2452MHz)
Modulation Type


IEEE 802.11g/n: OFDM(64QAM, 16QAM, QPSK, BPSK)

Antenna Description External Antenna, 0dBi (Max.)

c crane wifi 3 – Settings Menu Options


This setting allows you to control the way your radio sounds from the Speaker, headphones, and the Line-out jack. There are several different preset combinations, or you can choose to customize your sound using the “Advanced” option.

Buffer Time

Before a station is played, the radio takes a few seconds to record ahead of the audio stream. This is called buffering and it keeps the station playing smoothly, even if there are tiny breaks in the audio stream. If the buffering time is increased then the station should play longer without problems, but there will be extra time for the station to begin playing. For most high-quality stations longer buffering is not needed.


This section contains network and system information such as the radios current IP Address, WiFi Network Name (SSID), WiFi signal strength percentage, and hardware (MAC) address. You can also find the radio model and firmware version in this area.

Software Update

Check here to see if your radio software is up to date. Most software updates will be automatic when the radio is started but if you are experiencing problems then it is always good to check for software updates.

Reset to default

Restore your radio programming to the way it was when you first received it. A reset to default will erase your WiFi password and network information, your preset stations, and any custom settings that you have made since receiving the radio. In some cases, this may correct a lasting problem that is not cured by unplugging the power briefly.

About Your Network Name (SSID): This is the name which was assigned to your wireless router by the person who set it up. Alternatively, your routers network name (SSID) may be printed on your router (usually on the back or bottom label). After scanning for your wireless network on the radio, rotate the dial through all the results. You may recognize your network name (SSID). If your router’s manufacturer name or your internet service provider name is displayed, try selecting it.

Error Messages Explained

Error #1: The radio could not connect to the router for some reason. Always try again, this may have been a glitch. 90% of the time this error is caused by entering the wrong WiFi password. Another cause could be related to DHCP not enabled on your router. Most routers come with DHCP enabled. For static IP networks the radio can be setup manually as an option in network settings.

If you have enabled MAC filtering on your router then the radio will not be allowed to connect until the MAC address is allowed. There may be some incompatibility with the radio and your routers encryption method that it is currently using. If all else fails, try changing your routers encryption to “WPA2 PSK AES only”. Unplug your radio for 10 seconds and try again.

Error #2: There has been a glitch with the WiFi chip inside your radio. Unplug your radio for 10 seconds and try again. Contact C. Crane customer support for further assistance.

Error #3: After scanning for nearby WiFi networks, no networks are found.

–    Sometimes your wireless network will not show on the first scan. Try scanning for networks again on your radio. You must have access to nearby WiFi to operate the radio (except in Bluetooth mode).

–    You may be out of range from your WiFi router. As a test, move closer to the WiFi router that you are attempting to connect to.

–    Check your WiFi router, it must be powered on and ready. Be sure that the “power and “wireless” LED lights are on. If they are not on, you may need to call the manufacturer of the router for more assistance.

–    Try unplugging the power to your router and then wait 2 minutes before trying to connect with the radio again.

–    Your WiFi router may not be broadcasting on the 2.4 GHz band therefor it is not showing up in the list. Most new routers have dual band. Please make sure that the 2.4 GHz band is enabled.

–    There is a setting on your WiFi router called “Enable SSID Broadcast”. This is usually enabled by default on most routers. This must be enabled. You may need to call the manufacturer of the router for more assistance.

–    Unplug your radio for 10 seconds and try again.

Error #4: The radio has connected to the WiFi signal but cannot access the Internet.

–    You may be connecting to a public network (like a hotel or RV park) that requires web browser authentication per device. Since the radio does not have a web browser you may need to speak with the hotel technical staff about allowing the radio to connect.

–    Make sure the WiFi network that you are connected to has working internet. Try connecting to the same WiFi network with another device such as a smartphone or tablet and browse the internet as a test. If the internet is working, then you can rule out this as the problem.

If you have saved preset stations, then try playing one. If the station does not play, then you can furthermore assume that the router does not have internet. If the station does play, then there may be a temporary problem with the radio station server. Wait some time before browsing the radio for new stations. Unplug your radio for 10 seconds and try again.

Error #5: The Internet and WiFi is working but the Skytune stations list is not responding making it impossible to browse for new stations. You should however have access to your saved radio station presets.

Wait a few minutes and try again later. This problem should not last long. After a few unsuccessful tries, the radio will offer a backup list of saved stations. Unplug your radio for 10 seconds and try again.

Error #6 & 7: The radio failed to authenticate with the Skytune server. There may be maintenance underway. Wait a few minutes and try again later. This problem should not last long. Unplug your radio for 10 seconds and try again.

Error #8: The radio tried to upgrade its firmware (user interface) programming but could not download it to the radio. Wait a few minutes and try again later. This problem should not last long. Unplug your radio for 10 seconds and try again.

Error #9: The radio downloaded the new firmware (user interface) programming but could not install it to the radio. Wait a few minutes and try again later. This problem should not last long. Unplug your radio for 10 seconds and try again. There may be some incompatibility regarding the firmware and your radio. Recommend contacting C. Crane customer support for assistance.

Having Trouble Playing a Radio Station:

1.    If you tried playing several radio stations but none are working, the radio may have lost connection to your router or internet connection. Unplug the radios power cord momentarily and reconnect.

2.    The radio is “buffering” and constantly reconnecting to a particular station:

a.    Try moving the radio closer to the router

b.    The station may be overloaded with connected listeners. Try other stations to test if they are working properly.

c.    The station may have changed their streaming information. If using a preset to play the station, you may want to try searching for the station again using the Search function. If the station plays, then you can re-assign the station to your preset.

d.    If the above does not help, please contact C. Crane.

Having Trouble Finding a Particular Radio Station: If you are unable to find a radio station using the radio search functionality then you can visit www.skytune.net to search it. It is possible to add stations to your radio from this web site (by clicking the “heart” icon next to the search results). You will need to know your radios IP address. This can be found in your radio’s settings (Settings □ Information □ Network information □ IP).

Note: Your computer, smartphone, or tablet that you are using needs to be connected via WiFi to the same WiFi network router as your radio for this to work.

Adding a New Station to Skytune: If you are a “non-technical” person there is an easy way to request a station to be added to the Skytunes radio service. It may take several days for Skytune to add the new station to the radio. There may also be a chance that the station does not have a normal radio stream URL or one that is not compatible to be played on a radio. Some station stream URLs will only work with computers.

1.    Visit www.skytune.net

2.    Click on “Suggest Station” (usually located on the top-right of the screen)

3.    Enter the station information. You do not need to have all the details, but more details help.

4.    Click the “Send” button.

Date: 3/19/2021 Dear Sir/Madam,

We, Ocean Digital Technology Ltd. Hereby declares the following statement for Federal Communications Commission, PCB board, circuit, structure and internal of these model(s) are the same. Only model number is different for these model:

Product name: Internet Radio Model no.: MA-200, CC WiFi 3

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