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| enero 20, 2021

BCD436HP uniden FCC Class II Permissive Change

Subject: FCC Class II Permissive Change for

HVIN: BCD436HP, FCC ID: AMWUB376, IC: 513-UB376
Original FCC Grant Date: 11/06/2013
Original ISED Certification Date: 12/16/2013
Applicant: Uniden America Corporation

This is to request a Class II Permissive Change for HVIN: BCD436HP, FCC ID: AMWUB376 that was originally granted on 11/06/2013 and the ISED Certification IC: 513C-UB376 that was issued on 12/16/2013.

The major changes filed under this application are:

Updated PLL circuits:

  • PLL IC/Buffer Amp: MB15F72/UPC274 (EOL) to LMX2430/BGA2802
  • PLL IC/10.35MHz TCXO (EOL): MB15F63/MO-0365 to LMX2485/MO-0373
  • 1st MIX IC: UPC2757(EOL) to MAX2681 + added two buffer IC BGA2802 to gain adjust,
  • 1st Local OSC MIX Dual Transistor: UPA800T (EOL) to BFS483

Manager, Regulatory and Quality Uniden America Corporation

Uniden BCD436HP

BCD436HP uniden is the first scanner to incorporate the HomePatrol-1’s ease of use in a traditional handheld scanner. Simply enter your zip code, and the BCD436HP will quickly select and scan channels in your local area. Here is a quick rundown of the BCD436HP’s major features.

– 4 Gigabyte microSD card holds the entire USA and Canada database of radio systems, plus leaves room for hundreds of hours of audio recording.

– Programmable Alert LED lets you set a specific color to alert you when a channel becomes active.

– TrunkTracker V with support for APCO Project 25 Phase I and Phase II, X2-TDMA, Motorola, EDACS, and LTR Trunked Radio Systems

– Quick Key access to 100 Favorites Lists, 100 Systems per Favorites List, and 100 Departments per System.

– Discovery Modes help you find new channels on trunked systems and frequency ranges.

– Analysis Modes include Band Scope, RF Power Plot, Trunked System Analysis, and EDACS/LTR LCN Finder.

– Flexible Easy Channel Selection using Zip Code or GPS and Service Types — just pick the kinds of channels you want to hear and tell the BCD436HP where you are and let it do the rest.

– Easy Scan Control using the dedicated System, Department and Channel Hold buttons.

– Complete Front-Panel Programmability — create custom Favorites Lists either using systems from the main database as a starting point or program your systems from scratch.

– Temporary Avoid lets you quickly silence unwanted systems, departments, or channels while allowing you to restore them by cycling power.

– Backlight-on-Squelch option allows the backlight to remain on during an entire transmission.

– Date/Time indication on display with time stamping for recordings.

– Trunked and Conventional Channel Priority with Priority Do-Not-Disturb

– Close Call® RF Capture with Do-Not-Disturb automatically tunes the scanner to nearby transmissions without interrupting reception in progress.

– NOAA Weather Alert with SAME

– Two-Tone Paging with up to 32 tone slots

– Flexible Scanning — scan from any combination of the main database and Favorites Lists

– Included Sentinel Software makes database and firmware updates simple. Also allows you to create, edit, and manage your Favorites Lists.

– USB PC Connectivity – Serial GPS input for location-based scanning using the Uniden GC-GPSK or other compatible GPS receiver.

– 3 AA Battery Operation provides up to 8 hours of operation.

– SMA-type antenna.

– 192 x 160-Pixel Dot-Matrix Display

– Select/Volume/Squelch multi-control

– Side-actuated Function and Menu controls

– Backlit Display and Keypad

– Rotating Belt Clip

– Rugged construction with Rubber Side and Bottom Impact areas to improve impact resistance.

– Printed manual in the box with online updates.


Uniden BCD436HP Owner Manual English

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