Baofeng UV-5R V2+

| febrero 26, 2019

Baofeng UV-5R V2+


For Dual Band FM Transceiver
Model No.: UV-5R V2+, 997-S

Prepared By : Shenzhen HUAK Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

Date of Test: Dec. 20, 2018~Feb. 18, 2019


  • Product description: Dual Band FM Transceiver
  • Brand Name: BAOFENG
  • Mode Name: UV-5R V2+
  • Serial Name: 997-S

FCC Rules and Regulations Part 15B

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Date of Test

Date of Issue……………………………………………. :           Feb. 19, 2019

Test Result      :          Pass

Feb. 19, 2019

Federal Communication Commission Authorization and Evaluation Division

Subject: Explanation of differences between product types

Baofeng UV-5R V2+

Model Number: UV-5R V2+, 997-S

To Whom It May Concern:

declare that the model : 997-S is identical with the model : UV-5R V2+, except the model name and below:

1,    the same PCB board, technical specifications, but the appearance of the plastic case is different.

2,    UV-5R V2+ does not use the «Band» button, 997-S has the «Band» button

Except for the different above, no other modification is performed.


The EUT is a Dual Band FM Transceiver designed for voice communication. It is designed by way of utilizing
the F3E modulation achieves the system operating. A major technical description of EUT is described as following:

Communication Type Voice / Tone only
Modulation FM
RX Frequency Range Rx: 136MHz-174MHz, 400MHz-520MHz
Emission Type F3E
Antenna Designation Detachable
Antenna Gain 2.15dBi
Power Supply DC 7.4V 1800mAh, charging with DC 8.4V.
Charger Parameter INPUT:DC 10V 0.5A
Adapter Parameter AC:100-240V 50/60Hz 0.2A
Output: 10V 0.5A


Dual-band handheld transceiver with display function menu on the display «LCD».

  • DTMF encoded.
  • Commercial FM radio receiver (65 MHz ~ 108 MHz).
  • Incorporates 105 codes «DCS» and 50 privacy codes «CTCSS» programmable.
  • Function «VOX» (voice operated transmission).
  • Alarm function.
  • Up to 128 memory channels.
  • Broadband (Wide) / Narrowband (Narrow), selectable.
  • High power / low ( 5 W/1W) selectable.
  • Display illumination and programmable keyboard.
  • Function «beep» on the keyboard.
  • Dual Watch/dual reception .
  • Selectable Frequency Step 2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/25 kHz.
  • Function «OFFSET» (frequency offset for repeater access).
  • Battery saving function «SAVE».
  • Timer transmission «TOT» programmable.
  • Selecting the Scan Mode.
  • Function Busy Channel Lock «BCLO».
  • Built-in RX CTCSS/DCS scan
  • Built-in LED flashlight.
  • Programmable by PC.
  • Level Threshold «Squelch» adjustable from 0 to 9.
  • Crossband reception/transmission
  • Tone end of transmission
  • Built-in key lock


Frequency range: Rx:136MHz-174MHz / 400MHz-520MHz
Tx:144MHz-148MHz / 420MHz -450MHz
Memory channels: Up to 128 channels
Frequency stability: 2.5ppm.
Frequency step: 2.5kHz/5kHz/6.25kHz/10kHz/12.5kHz/25kHz.
Antenna impedance: 50Q .
Operating temperature: -20 ° C to +60 ° C.
Supply voltage: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion mAh 7.4V/1800.
Consumption in standby:
Consumption in reception: 380mA
Consumption in transmission: <1.4 A.
Mode of operation: Simplex or semi-duplex.
Duty cycle: 03/33/54 min. (Rx / Tx / Standby).
Dimensions: 58mm x 110mm x 32mm
Weight: 130 g (approximate).
RF power: 5W/1W.
Type of modulation: FM.
Emission class: 16KOF3E/11KOF3E (W/N).
Maximum deviation: <±5 kHz/<±2.5 kHz (W/N).
Spurious emissions: <-60 dB.
Receiver sensitivity: 0.2 M V(at 12 dB SINAD).
Intermodulation: 60 dB.

Download UV-5R V2+ User Manual

baofeng UV-5R-V2+ User Manual

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