Baofeng BF-T8

| abril 12, 2019

Baofeng BF-T8


The EUT is a Two Way Radio designed for voice communication. It is designed by way of utilizing the FM modulation achieves the system operating.

A major technical description of EUT is described as following:

Product Designation Two Way Radio
Test Model BF-T8
Hardware Version BF_T8_V05
Software Version BF-T8_V01
Modulation FM
Channel Separation 12.5KHz
Emission Type 11K0F3E
Emission Bandwidth 10.611KHz
Maximum Transmitter
Rated Output power


(It was fixed by the manufacturer, any individual can’t arbitrarily change it.)

Antenna Designation Inseparable
Antenna Gain 2.15dBi
Power Supply DC 3.7V, 1500mAh (by battery)
Limiting Voltage DC 3.15 V-4.26 V
Operation Frequency
Range and Channel
FRS: 462.5500MHz -462.7250MHz, 467.5625 MHz-467.7125 MHz
462.5625MHz -462.7125MHz
Test Channel :4, 11 and 19 channel
Frequency Tolerance 1.097ppm

Channel List:

The FRS is allotted 22 channels, each having a channel bandwidth of 12.5 kHz. All of the FRS channels are also allotted to the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) on a shared basis. The FRS channel center frequencies are set forth in the following table:

Operation Frequency Each of Channel

Channel Frequency Channel Frequency Channel Frequency
1 462.5625 MHz 8 467.5625 MHz 15 462.5500 MHz
2 462.5875 MHz 9 467.5875 MHz 16 462.5750 MHz
3 462.6125 MHz 10 467.6125 MHz 17 462.6000 MHz
4 462.6375 MHz 11 467.6375 MHz 18 462.6250 MHz
5 462.6625 MHz 12 467.6625 MHz 19 462.6500 MHz
6 462.6875 MHz 13 467.6875 MHz 20 462.6750 MHz
7 462.7125 MHz 14 467.7125 MHz



462.7000 MHz
462.7250 MHz


  • LCD display monitor
  • Frequency range: FRS
  • 12.5KHz narrow band
  • Output power: H:2W L: 0.5W
  • 750HZ 1450HZ. 2100HZ
  • 50 Groups CTCSS, 105 Groups of standard DCS
  • VOX
  • 22 Channels
  • Time-out timer (TOT)
  • Keyboard Beep
  • Key Screen backlight
  • Battery saving function
  • LED Flashlight
  • Monitoring function
  • Keyboard Locks
  • FM Radio:87-108MHz
  • Dual standby function
  • Support USB charging function
  • Restore factory settings
  • Multiple working modes are available
  • Weather forecast function
  • 10 ringtone are available

Baofeng BF-T8

Description of the Buttons

[Power and Volume]: Power switch, adjust the volume.

[PTT] When transmitting, press this button and speak to the microphone; release the button to receive.

[FM] Press the button once to turn on the FM radio function, and then press the button again to turn off the FM radio function.

[LAMP]: Press to turn on the flashlight, press it again to make the flashlight flash, and press it again to turn off the flashlight.

[MENU]: Short press to enter menu setting function.

[MONI]: Monitoring Button,Short press for Monitoring function in normal mode ;In menu mode press this key to exit.

[ /Ringtone]: Long press this button to turn on/off keypad lock,Short press for ringtone call.(Note:After the keyboard lock is opened, the function key and confirm key operations are invalid)

[   ]: Short press this button to up;Long press to switch A/B frequency.

[   ]: Short press this button to down;Long press to switch A/B frequency.

Menu Item List

Menu Display Character Set Options
1 RXCODE (Receive CTCSS/DCS) OFF, ctcss,dcs
2 TXCODE (Transmit CTCSS/DCS) OFF, ctcss,dcs
3 SQL (Squelch level) 0–9 (Factory set to level 3)
4 LIGHT (Backlight) OFF/ON /Key
5 BEEP (Keyboard Beep) OFF/ON
6 VOX OFF/1—5 level
7 PWR (Transmission power) HIGH/LOW
8 TDR (Dual standby) ON/OFF
9 narrow band NARROW
10 SAVE(Power saving mode) OFF/ON
11 TOT(Transmission time limit) OFF/30/60/90/120/150/180S
12 BCLO(Busy channel lockout) OFF/ON
13 RING(Ringtone) OFF,10 ringtone are available
14 WEATHE(Weather forecast) OFF/ON
15 VOICE(Language) OFF/CHI(Chinese)/ENG(English)

Technical Specification


Frequency range UHF:462-467MHz
Memory channe Is 16 Groups Operation temperature -20°C—+50°C
Operation vollage DC 3.7V Mode of operation Simplex
Frequency stability ±2.5ppm Antenna mpedance 50Ω
Receiver Transmitter
Sensitivity <0.16uv (12dB SINAD) RF Power <2W
SqueIch Sensitivity <0.2uv Maxmum deviation <±5KHz
Audio power >380mW Spurious <-60dB
Audio distort <10% TX current <1000mA
Inlermed (W/N) >65dB Preemphasis Character 6dB per octave
Receiver current <380mA

FCC Warning

Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

(1)    this device may not cause harmful interference, and

(2)    this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

RF Exposure Information:

This product is compliance to FCC RF Exposure requirements and refers to FCC website

The device only supports simplex-mode and transmitting is no more than the rated duty cycle factor of 50% of the time. For hand-held operation, the radio should be held at least 25mm from the user’s face. The use of belt clips, holsters and similar accessories should not contain metallic components in its assembly. The use of accessories that do not satisfy these requirements may not comply with RF exposure requirements, and should be avoided.

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