Anytone 3318UVE

| septiembre 17, 2014

Anytone 3318UVE

Series ModelĀ 398UVE, 3318UV, 398UV

Difference description All the same except for the model name.

Anytone 3318UVE

3318UVE will provide you with reliable, clear and efficient communication service. The 3318UVE introduces innovative DSP digital signal processing technology, high degree integration, it is including kinds of professional function, best stability and great reliability as well as exterior smooth lines, novel, fashionable, sturdy and durable.

The 3318UVE includes plenty of TX, RX channels, as well as UU,VV and UV standby modes which are able to realize dual PTT functions. 51 groups of CTCSS encode/decode and 1 group of user-defined CTCSS encode/decode, 1024 groups of DCS encode/decode, 5TONE/2TONE/DTMF encode/decode, built-in radio functions, etc..It is a meticulous build functional and Multi frequency band radio for radio amateur and commercial users.





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