Anysecu W2plus

| marzo 7, 2020

Car Radio Sim Card PTT Network Radio N60 Upgrade Version

Anysecu W2plus

Anysecu W2plus

Maximum Permissible Exposure Report

Product Information

Name of EUT Mobile Radio
Test Model W2PLUS
Additional Model No.: W1plus, F8, F8plus, M-7700, W5plus, W8plus, M-9900, A18plus.
Model Declaration PCB board, structure and internal of these model are the same, so no additional models were tested.
Modulation Type GMSK for GSM/GPRS; 8-PSK for EDGE; QPSK for UMTS; QPSK, 16QAM for LTE
Antenna Gain 2.0dBi (max.) For GSM 850; 2.0dBi (max.) For GSM 900;
2.0dBi (max.) For DCS 1800; 2.0dBi (max.) For PCS 1900;
2.0dBi for WCDMA Band I; 2.0dBi for WCDMA Band II;
2.0dBi for WCDMA Band IV; 2.0dBi for WCDMA Band V;
2.0dBi for WCDMA Band VIII;3.0dBi for LTE Band 2; 3.0dBi for LTE Band 4;3.0dBi for LTE Band 5; 3.0dBi for LTE Band 7;3.0dBi for LTE Band 12; 3.0dBi for LTE Band 13;3.0dBi for LTE Band 17;

2.0dBi (max.) For BT and WLAN

Hardware version MRA58K release-keys
Software version MT6737N_Android 7.0
Frequency Band
UmTs Operation Frequency Band UMTS FDD Band II/IV/V
LTE Operation Frequency Band LTE FDD band 2, 4, 5, 7, 12, 13, 17
GSM Release Version R99
GSM/EDGE/GPRS Power Class GSM850:Power Class 4/ PCS1900:Power Class 1
GPRS/EDGE Multislot Class GPRS/EDGE: Multi-slot Class 12
GPRS operation mode Class B
WCDMA Release Version R8
HSDPA Release Version Release 8
HSUPA Release Version Release 6
DC-HSUPA Release Version Not Supported
LTE Release Version R9
LTE/UMTS Power Class Class 3
WLAN FCC Modulation Type


IEEE 802.11g/n: OFDM(64QAM, 16QAM, QPSK, BPSK)

WLAN FCC Operation frequency IEEE 802.11b:2412-2462MHz
IEEE 802.11g/n20:2412-2462MHz
IEEE 802.11n40:2422-2452MHz
Antenna Type
  • Wifi: Internal antenna
  • BT: Internal antenna
  • GSM: External antenna
  • WCDMA: External antenna
  • LTE: QPSK, External antenna
BT Modulation Type GFSK, n/4-DQPSK, 8-DPSK (BT V4.0)
Extreme temp. Tolerance -30°C to +75°C
GPS function Support and only RX
NFC Function Not Supported
Extreme vol. Limits 10VDC to 24VDC (nominal: 12VDC)
Name of EUT Mobile Radio
Exposure category General population/uncontrolled environment
EUT Type Production Unit
Device Type Mobile Device

Date: 2020-02-27
Dear Sir/Madam,

We,Shenzhen Anysecu Technology Co.,Ltd. Hereby declares the following statement,PCB board, circuit, structure and internal of these model(s) are the same, Only model number is different for these model:

Product name: Mobile Radio

Models No.: W2PLUS,W1 plus,F8, F8plus,M-7700, W5plus,W8plus,M-9900, A18plus.

Instruction of Mobile Network Radio W2plus

Safety Warning before use

Input DC 10-24V, please Do NOT connect to 220V/110V power supply, which may cause bum to the Radio.

Do not use the mobile radio in the explosive environments ( such as gas , dust, steam , etc.)

The machine can not be modified or adjusted for any reason.

Please don’t let the mobile radio stand in sunlight directly for a long time , or put it near by the heating appliances.

Do not place mobile radio in extremely dusty ,moisture and water splashing places , and do not put in uneven surface. Maintenance can only be carried out by professional and technical personnel.

Get familiar to your Radio

Get started

First of all, you have to prepare a sim card (standard size ) with data flow function activated for your network radio.

ConnectACC power cable to your Radio

Ex-work cable is with automatically power on function, for home power supply, red is positive, black is negative, blue is acc cable, please refer to the label on cable.

For install to car, connect acc cable will automatically power on when you start your car.

Install GPS & GSM Antenna to the radio

Please Install Antenna to the radio before use or there maybe no signal.

Install SIM CARD:

bottom of the Radio is Sim card port (standard size), Open dust cover, insert the SIM card, and close the dust cover.

How to choose SIM card?

1.check radio frequency as data chait show;

2.Standard SIM size;

3.With economic data flow to save the cost; Choose the service provider stable signal

Connect internet by wifi or data:

Download app

There are several method of download app.

1 Downloadthe app from “Play Store”

2 Search on “Browser” to download the app

3 Download from computer: Settings–>about phone–>Build number, click”Build number” 4 times: ”you are now a developer!”,back–>”developer options”–>USB debugging V , then connect USB cable with radio (Android type), go to home page

in the Notifications shade, which pulls down from the top of the screen.”connected as USB

storage’’–>’’Media device(MTP)’’ ’choose it.

Now in computer Keep apk in file fold “my PC”–>”W2plus”–>phone storage–download find this APK on the same path on your radio, tick it to install

Download to micro TF card, then install from TF card to the radio

Flash or Root right please refer to your agency as we highly require professional to operate. Talking Platform Introduce: About Real PTT

LoginAccount on Mobile radio by type (area depends on server area: choose your country or the nearest, account cost yearly fee, need buy from radio supplier or local agency to get it)

Login PC Platform (dispatcher) to Manage your Radio and for more function Download Real-PTT and login in your account, On PC Press “Space key” to Talk, and the other functions you can use your mouse to control.

Login Smart phone to talk

Download RealPTT APP and Same operate as you login on the mobile Radio.

(There are more apps you can choose to talk: such as Zello, Echolink, walkiefleet. For more please contact us freely about the key value match issue)


General Specification
CPU MT6737M Quad core processor 64bit
OS Android7.0
Screen Size 4.5 inches, 480x320mm
Language Multi languages
Frequency band

EU version

TDD-LTE: Band38/40/41 FDD-LTE: Band1/3/5/7/8/20 WCDMA: Band 1/2/5/8 GSM/GPRS/EDGE: Band2/3/5/8

US version

FDD-LTE: Band1 /2/4/5/7/12/13/17/ 28a/28b

WCDMA: Band 1/2/4/5 GSM/GPRS/EDGE: Band2/5


1 )WCDMA/GSM with external antenna

2) GPS antenna with external antenna

3)    BT/WIFI antenna is built-in FPC antenna

SIM Type Standard sim card
Dimension 170x80x85mm
Weight 380g
Working Voltage DC 10-24V
Working Temperature -30°C to+75°C
Platform Tested RealPTT, Zello, Echolink
Talk Range Limitless inLTE/WCDMA/GSM Coverage

PRICE: US $199.26

ANYSECU 4G-W2Plus Unlock 4G Network Radio Android 7.0 WCDMA GSM Walkie Talkie with WIFI N60 work with Real-ptt Zello + AC charger

FCC Statement

This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

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