Ameritron ALS-706

| abril 1, 2021

FCC PART 97 Linear Amplifier (AMP)
Prepared For: Ameritron

Ameritron ALS-706

600W 160-6M LDMOS FET Amplifier

Customer Information

Applicant:                          Ameritron

Address:                            300 Industrial Park Road Starkville MS 39759

Ameritron ALS-706

Test Result Summary

The following test procedure and guidance were used for measuring FCC PART 97 (AMATEUR RADIO SERVICE); ANSI C63.26-2015 and FCC KDB 935210 D05 v01r04 Industrial Signal Boosters. Full test results are available in this report.

No additions to the test methods were needed. There were no deviations, or exclusions from the test methods. No test results are from external providers or from the customer. The test results relate only to the items tested. Timco does not offer opinions and interpretations, only a pass/fail statement.

The Following is for Test item FCC ID: HO82WUALS706

Applicable Clauses from Part 2
FCC Part 2 Clauses Description of the requirements Result: (Pass, Fail, N/A)
2.202 Bandwidth & Emission Pass
2.1033 (c)(8) Power at the Final Amplifier Pass
2.1046 (a) RF Output Power Pass
2.1047 Modulation characteristics n/a
2.1049 Occupied Bandwidth Pass
2.1051 Spurious emissions at antenna terminals Pass
2.1053 Field strength of spurious radiation Pass
2.1055 Frequency stability n/a


Applicable Clauses from PART 97
FCC PART 97 Clauses Description of the requirements Result: (Pass,
Fail, N/A)
97.317(a)(1) Transmitter Power Pass
97.317(a)(1) Spurious emissions during TX, Stand-By, and Off Pass
97.317(a)(2) Gain Pass
97.317(a)(3) Gain in 27 MHz band Pass


KDB 935210 D05 v01r04
FCC KDB 935210 D05
Description of the requirements Result: (Pass,
Fail, N/A)
4.1 Test Signals for PLMRS (Input Signals) Reported
4.2 AGC Threshold n/a
4.3 Out-of-Band Rejection Reported
4.4 Input-versus-Output Signal Comparison Pass
4.5 Output Power Pass
4.5 Amplifier/Booster Gain Pass
4.6 Noise Figure n/a
4.7.2 Out-of-band/Out-of-block Conducted Emissions (Intermodulation Products) n/a
4.7.3 EUT Spurious Conducted Emissions Pass
4.8 Frequency Stability n/a
4.9 Spurious Radiated Emissions Pass

A description as well as unambiguous Identification of the EUT(s) tested. Where more than one sample is required for technical reasons (such as the use of connected units for the purpose of conducted output power testing where the product units will have integral antennas), each specific test shall identify which unit was tested.

Brief Description Linear Amplifier
Type of Modular n/a
Model(s) # ALS-706
Firmware Version n/a
Serial Number 00001
Technical Characteristics
Technology External RF Power Amplifier/Linear Amplifier
Frequency Range 1.8 – 54 MHz (split as appropriate to FCC Part 97)
RF O/P Power (Max.) 57.78 dBm (600 W)
Modulation n/a
Bandwidth & Emission Class A1A, A3A, A3E, F1D, F3E, J1D, J3C, J3E, J3F
Duty Cycle 100%
Antenna Connector UHF
Voltage Rating (AC or Batt.) 50 V DC
Test Modes
Band Amateur Band
1.8 – 2 MHz 160 m
3.5 – 4 MHz 80 m
7 – 7.3 MHz 40 m
10.1 – 10.15 MHz 30 m
14 – 14.35 MHz 20 m
18.068 – 18.168 MHz 17 m
21 – 21.45 MHz 15 m
24.89 – 24.99 MHz 12 m
28 – 29.7 MHz 10 m
50 – 54 MHz 6 m

Note: The EUT is used in conjunction with Part 97 Amateur Radio transmitter devices.

Ameritron ALS-706 FCC Identification Label

Ameritron ALS-706

Label is 0.75” by 2.50”

First Line is FCC ID Number of the amplifier.

Second Line is the Model Number.

Third line is a sequential serial number issued during manufacture.

Ameritron ALS-706

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