Air Band Antenna Comet AB-1230M

| diciembre 21, 2017

Comet AB-1230M

Aerial radio receiving antenna for VHF and UHF frequencies

Flexible plug-in antenna for hand-held scanners, radio scanner specially designed for air radio reception by Comet Antennas Japan.

The Comet AB-1230M is a special radio reception antenna with PL connection for VHF and UHF frequencies, which can also be used on the transmission side in the frequency range of 122.4 to 137.6 MHz. This antenna is specially designed for mobile applications, eg for ground vehicles, etc.

Air Band Antenna Comet AB-1230M

Technical specifications

  • Aerial Radio Reception Antenna – Mobile Antenna
  • Reception frequency ranges 108-140 and 220-400 MHz
  • Transmission range frequencies 122.4 – 137.6 MHz
  • Max. Transmission power 10 watts
  • Length 58cm
  • Weight 140g
  • Impedance 50 ohms
  • Connection PL

Air Band Antenna Comet AB-1230M


The Comet AB-1230M, a dedicated mobile antenna, covers 108-140 and 220-400MHz.

Quality chrome finish, and just 0.58m in length, with the very popular PL259 type base fitting.

So suitable for transmit up to 10W erp.

  • Comet AB-1230M – Aircraft band exclusive mobile whip antenna
  • Receive frequency range- 108-140, 220-400MHz
  • Transmit frequency range (10 watts max) 122.4-137.6MHz
  • Length – 0.58m
  • Weight – 140g
  • Impedance – 50 ohms

Price: 39,80 €

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