SIMRAD RD68 VHF marine radio

SIMRAD RD68 VHF marine radio

SIMRAD RD68 VHF marine radio

SIMRAD RD68 VHF marine radio

SIMRAD RD68 VHF – compact unit with DSC

The RD68 is a combined VHF radio and Class D Digital Selective Calling (DSC) unit. It supports the latest GMDSS requirements for non-SOLAS vessels from the International Maritime Organization (IMO). This will enable you to make digitally selected calls, which are quicker and simpler to make than traditional voice calls using channel 16. Should a distress situation occur, with the RD68 you can quickly raise an alert, indicating your identity, your position, and automatically establish distress communication on the emergency voice channel.

The RD68 is robustly constructed using a pressure die-cast aluminum case for effective heat dissipation, ensuring maximum transmission performance even after many hours’ constant use.

The RD68 is a full class ‘D’ DSC radio capable of sending and receiving all calls the yachtsman require. Simple connection to a GPS receiver via NMEA input, ensures that the distress call will send your exact position. The RD68 is offered with the option of either an active fist microphone or telephone style handset.


• Distress Call
• Individual routine calls
• All Ships Safety call
• All Ship Urgency call
• Group call (for flotillas or racing)


• All above calls and acknowledgements
• Individual Safety Call
• Individual Urgency Call
• Distress Relay Call

Simrad RD 68 Discontinued Product
VHF- marine radio with DSC D-Controller, menu controlled soft keys
W 170 x H 65 x D 39 mm
Voltage: 10,8 – 15,5 V
Power supply: max. 5,5 A
english manual (3,3MB pdf)

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