Maco V-Quad Antenna CB 10/11 Meter

Maco Antenna V-Quad

Antenna 10/11 Meter Base, V-Quad.

Publicada el: 9 Jul de 2011

Performance equal to M103C in a small package for pushup mounting, Stacking Kit available.
Directional-Combined Vertical-Horizontal Polarization plus high gain of 11dB (14 dB stacked) makes the V-Quad an ideal inexpensive beam for push-up monting (stacks too.) Instructions also included for 10 meters.

The V-Quad has performance equal to the M103 but in a small package. The V-Quad is a  FULL WAVE antenna! Ideal for push-up mounting, the V-Quad is the only full wave Maco antenna! Directional combined vertical & horizontal polarization plus high gain of 14 dB makes the V-Quad an ideal inexpensive and compact beam. Weighs only 8 lbs. Stack with VQSK for an extra 3 dB gain.

Maco V-Quad Antenna CB 10/11 Meter


Maco V-Quad Antenna CB 10/11 Meter

Maco V-Quad Antenna CB 10/11 Meter

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  • Construction: Telescoping Aluminum Tubing
  • Element Clamps: Quality Aluminum, Full Compression, No Holes drilled in elements or boom means longer life
  • Boom-to-Element Mount: Heavy Extruded Aluminum
  • SWR Adjustment: Gamma Match 52 Ohm
  • Power Handling Capability: 2 KW, Optional are 5 KW, 10 KW or 30 KW Gamma Matchers available.

Boom Length: 183 cm (6 feet)
Boom OD: 3,8 cm (1.5 inches)
Number of Elements: 2
Longest Element: 366 cm (12 feet)
Turn Radius: 213 cm (7 feet)
Surface Area: 0,95 m2 (3.2 sq.ft)
Wind Survival: 135 Km/h (90 Miles)
Tuning: 11 Meters
Gain in dB: 11
Power Multiplication: 14x
Front-to-Back Separation: 25 dB
VSWR adjustable: 1.1:1
Weight: 3,6 Kg (8 Pounds)

Price in EU Countries:     € 206,00
Price NON-EU:     € 173,11

Download Maco V-Quad Antenna Assembly Instructions

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