Cobra 200GTL: Replacing MOSFET finals

Cobra 200GTL: Replacing MOSFET finalsCobra 200GTL

The HF50-12F MOSFET (Q35 and Q40) finals are no longer available.

ACTION: We have switched to a new final, the 2SC2290. This can be installed in place of the old finals provided you do the following:

  • 1. Be sure to replace both finals with the 2SC2290. Do not use one old final and one new final.
  • 2. Replace R355 and R356 with a 120 ohm 2W resistor.
  • 3. The hole in the PCB may need to be enlarged slightly to accommodate the new transistor.

See image for the location of R355 and R356.

Cobra part numbers:

  • 2SC2290: 010-119
  • 120 ohm 2W resistor: 010-094

ADJUSTMENTS: Check bias and transmit power.



Cobra 200GTL Replacing MOSFET finals

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