Cobra 150GTL / 200GTL: Increasing squelch hystersis

Cobra MODEL(s): 150GTL, 200GTL

DESCRIPTION: After adjusting the squelch control, sometimes received signals may sound choppy due to the squelch repeatedly opening and closing.

ACTION: Change R47 to a 2.2 meg-ohm resistor. This will increase the squelch hystersis.

See images for the location of R47.


  • 1. Turn the squelch control fully clockwise.
  • 2. Inject a 1500uV signal to the antenna connector (1KHz, 30% modulation).
  • 3. Adjust RV2 until the squelch just opens.

NOTES: None.

150 GTL

Cobra MODEL(s): 150GTL, 200GTL

200 GTL

Cobra MODEL(s): 150GTL, 200GTL modifications

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