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JT65-HF Setup and Operations Guide

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JT65-HF Setup and Operations Guide

JT65-HF Version 1.0.7 ©2008...2010 J. C. Large - W6CQZ

JT65-HF is an adaptation of the JT65A protocol with an emphasis upon its usage in the high frequency Amateur bands to facilitate weak signal communications and experimentation.

JT65-HF would not be possible without the efforts of Joe Taylor - K1JT and his WSJT software upon which JT65-HF is, in part, based.

All users of JT65 whether with WSJT, MultiPSK or JT65-HF owe a debt of gratitude to K1JT and the WSJT development group for their efforts and generosity in having made the WSJT source code available and open.

While JT65-HF is based upon open source code both of my own creation and code from WSJT that has be adapted to JT65-HF it is not a part of the WSJT project and any questions/concerns with JT65-HF should only be addressed to its author - Joe Large -W6CQZ (I have also held the call sign W4CQZ).


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