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Anytone AT-3318UV-A Software Version:1.00

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Anytone AT-3318UV-A – producted after May 2014

There are two Setup files in this package.  The smaller one "...SetOSetup" is a program that
among other things, allows a "programming password" to be assigned.  The larger file
"...Setup 1.00" is the familiar programming software.  

After installing the programming software, you will find that the software will not open unless a radio is attached to your computer.  The reason for this is because the software wants to know which version of radio you are using (model number, frequency range and etc.)

If you want to become familiar with the software before owning the radio, you can fool the program by editing one of the .ini files.   This file is located in the folder where the program is installed.  But you must undo this edit before actually using the software with a radio.  Also note  that any file created, should not be saved because it will not write to a radio later on.

I repeat:
After getting your radio, you should undo the .ini modification.  The reason for this is that if you don't allow the program to see what variation of radio it is working with, it could write wrong information back to the radio.  This could create a problem that may not be undone easily.

It's better to not take the chance.  Also remember that the first time you read from the radio, SAVE THE FILE as "new radio".  You may need this file someday to restore the radio.

To modify the .ini file:
In the folder where the programming software is installed, open the folder "Language".  
Right-click the file "mysetup.ini" and choose "open with Notepad".  
In this document, change the value of "IsFirstRun=1" to read "IsFirstRun=0".  (that's a zero)  
Click "save file" and close.  
The program should now start without having to first attach a radio to the computer.


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