Yaesu FT-70DR

| junio 20, 2017

Yaesu FT-70DRYaesu FT-70DR





Made in Japan


  • Digital communication (C4FM 4Level-FSK)
  • Equipped with AMS (Automatic Mode Select) Function. Automatically selects between 4 modes of transmission according to the signal being received.
  • External power supply connection
  • Wide-band reception over the range of 108 MHz to 579.995 MHz
  • Waterproof design equivalent to IP54, which protects the transceiver from dust and splashes
  • Equipped with GM function
  • Large-capacity 999ch with 10 memory banks (maximum of 100 channels can be saved on each bank)
  • Display memory tags comprised of up to 6 one-byte characters
  • A wide variety of scan functions
  • A variety of individual selective calling functions; such as DSQ (Digital Code Squelch) and tone squelch (CTCSS) and DCS functions
  • New pager function for calling only specific stations
  • LED Backlight for easy viewing of the LCD and keys
  • Battery save function to extend battery operating time
  • Data terminal (Mini USB) for communication with PC and firmware updates

Controls & Connections

Yaesu FT-70DR

 1 Antenna Jack (SMA)*
 2 LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

The display shows current operating conditions.

[PTT] switch

  • Press and hold [PTT] switch to transmit, and release it to receive.
  • In the Set mode, press this switch to save the new setting and return to normal operation.
[MONI/T.CALL] Switch

  • USA/EXP version – While [MONI/T.CALL] Switch is pressed: Squelch OFF
  • European version – While [MONI/T.CALL] Switch is pressed: T.CALL
[VOL] Switch

Rotate the DIAL knob while pressing and holding this key to adjust the audio volume level.

[Power] (Lock) Switch

  • When the power is off, press and hold: Power on
  • When the power is on, press and hold: Power off
  • When the power is on, press : Engages and releases the key lock
8 Battery pack*
9 DIAL Knob

  • Rotate to change the frequency or select a memory channel.
  • Rotate to select the desired item for set mode.

10 MODE/STATUS Indicator

Indicates the transmission/reception status with a two-color combination on the upper and lower portions of the Mode/Status indicator.

 11 Speaker
 12 Keypad

The functions of the keys are described in detail on the next page.

13 Strap Hole
MIC/SP jack*

Connect a speaker microphone or earpiece microphone to this jack. The waterproof protection cannot be attained when an external microphone is connected.

   ! Do not connect any microphone which is not specified by Yaesu. A failure can result.
DATA Jack*

  • Connect to the PC using a supplied USB cable.
  • * For instruction to update the firmware, access YAESU website.

  • When charging the battery pack, connect the battery charger to this jack.
  • In the USA/EXP market, connect an external power supply adapter with a cigarette lighter plug (SDD-13) or an external power cable (E-DC-6) to this jack.


  ! Do not connect any battery charger which is not specified by Yaesu. A failure can result.

*: When the included antenna and battery pack are installed and the MIC/SP jack, EXT DC IN jack, and DATA jack are securely covered with rubber caps, the FT-70DR/DE meets the waterproofing performance conforming to IP54

Supplied Accessories

  • SBR-24LI 7.4 V, 1800 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • SAD-11C/F/U Battery Charger SAD-18B Battery Charger
  • Antenna
  • Belt Clip
  • USB cable
  • Operating Manual (this manual)
  • Quick Manual
  • Warranty Card

• Ensure that the name of the dealer from which you purchased the transceiver and the date of purchase are indicated on the warranty card.

• If any item is missing, contact the dealer from which you purchased the transceiver.

Available Options

SBR-24LI 7.4 V, 1800 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
SAD-11C/F/U*1 Battery Charger
SAD-18B*2 Battery Charger
SBH-28 Rapid Charger
SDD-13 DC Cable with Noise Filter and Cigarette-Lighter Plug
E-DC-6 DC Cable (USA/EXP market only)
MH-34B4B Speaker / Microphone
SSM-57A Earpiece Microphone
SSM-63A VOX Headset
CT-44 Microphone Adapter
CN-3 BNC-to-SMA Adapter (BNCJ-SMAP)
SHC-27 Soft Case
CT-27 Cloning Cable

*1 “B” suffix is for use with 120 VAC (Type-A plug), “C” suffix is for use with 230-240 VAC (Type-C plug), “F” suffix is for use with 220 VAC, “H” suffix is for use with 220-230 VAC (Australian plug), and “U” suffix is for use with 230 VAC (Type-BF plug). *2 USA Version

Availability of accessories may vary. Some accessories are supplied as standard per local requirements, while others may be unavailable in some regions. Consult your Yaesu Dealer for details regarding these and any newly-available options. Connection of any accessory not approved by Yaesu, should it cause damage, may void the Limited Warranty on this apparatus.


Frequency range: TX 144 – 146 MHz or 144 – 148 MHz
430 – 440 MHz or 430 – 450 MHz
RX 108 – 137 MHz (Air Band)
137 – 174 MHz (144 MHz HAM)
174 – 222 MHz (GEN1)
222 – 420 MHz (GEN2)
420 – 470 MHz (430 MHz HAM)
470 – 579.995 MHz (GEN3)
Channel steps: 5 / 6.25 / 8.33 / 10 / 12.5 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 50 / 100 kHz
(8.33 kHz : only for Air band)
Emission Type: F2D, F3E, F7W
Frequency stability: ±2.5 ppm -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)
Antenna impedance: 50 n
Supply Voltage: Nominal 7.4 V DC, negative ground
Operating 6 – 14 V DC Negative Ground (EXT DC JACK while Charging)
11 – 16 V DC Negative Ground (EXT DC JACK with SDD-13)
Current consumption: 120 mA (Receive)
80 mA (Standby, Save Off)
50 mA (Standby, Saver On “Save Ratio 1:5”)
+20 mA (Digital or AMS)
400 pA (Auto Power Off)
1.6 A (5 W TX, 144 MHz 7.4 V DC)
1.8 A (5 W TX, 430 MHz 7.4 V DC)
Operating temperature: -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)
Case size: 2.4″ (W) x 3.6″ (H) x 1.6″ (D) (60 x 98 x 32 mm)
Weight (approx.): 9.5 oz (270 g) with SBR-24LI, Antenna
Output Power: 5 W (High) / 2.5 W (Mid) / 0.5 W (LOW)
(@ 7.4 V DC or EXT DC)
Modulation Type: F2D, F3E: Variable Reactance Modulation
F7W: 4FSK (C4FM)
Spurious Emission: USA/EXP version
At least 60 dB below (@TX Power High, Mid)
At least 40 dB below (@TX Power Low)
Circuit Type: Double-conversion super heterodyne
Intermediate Frequency: 1st: 47.25 MHz
2nd: 450 kHz
Sensitivity: 1.5 μV for 10 dB SN (108 – 137 MHz, AM)
0.2 μV for 12 dB SINAD (137 – 140 MHz, NFM)
0.16 μV for 12 dB SINAD (140 – 150 MHz, NFM)
0.2 μV for 12 dB SINAD (150 – 174 MHz, NFM)
1 μV for 12 dB SINAD (174 – 222 MHz, NFM)
0.5 μV for 12 dB SINAD (300 – 350 MHz, NFM)
0.2 μV for 12 dB SINAD (350 – 400 MHz, NFM)
0.18 μV for 12 dB SINAD (400 – 470 MHz, NFM)
1.5 μV for 12 dB SINAD (470 – 579.995 MHz, NFM)
0.19 μV TYP for BER 1% (Digital Mode)
Selectivity (-6dB/-60dB): 12 kHz / 35 kHz (NFM/AM)
AF Output:
  • 700 mW (16 Ω for 10 % THD 7.2 V) internal speaker
  • 300 mW (8 Ω for 10 % THD 7.2 V) external speaker

Rated values are at normal temperature and pressure.

Specifications are subject to change without notice, and are guaranteed within the 144/430 MHz amateur bands only. Frequency ranges will vary according to transceiver version; check with your dealer.

Downloading the “Advance Manual”

The Advance Manual provides more detail features except for described on this manual. Download the FT-70DR/DE Advance Manual from the YAESU website and refer to it along with this manual. http://www.yaesu.com/


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