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20 Watts Power Amplifier

XIEGU XPA20  20 Watts Power Amplifier

 Logic and Parameter Description

1. Operating:

A.   Press “Up-arrow key” to access BAND inc function, Press “Down-arrow key” to access BAND dec function.)

B.   Settings menu:

1 Press △ key till the LED of POWER-meter shows “cd”.

2 short press PWR-key, there should be a ”no” showed on the LED of POWER-meter. short press △ or ▽ key, “no” or “dL” will be showed on the LED of POWER-meter circularly witch means the setting name(“no” means MODE,” dL” means TIME DELAY Value), then short press PWR-key again, the LED of VSWR-Meter shows “00”(the number represents the parameter).

 3  Short press △ or ▽ to modify the parameters.

4  When finish modifications, short press PWR-key to return to normal working status.

XIEGU XPA20  20 Watts Power Amplifier

2. Parameter Description

a. Menu Parameter

Setting name Parameter Description
no 00 SSB MODE
dL 01 Delay:100ms
02 Delay:200ms
03 Delay:300ms
04 Delay:400ms
05 Delay:500ms
06 Delay:600ms
07 Delay:700ms
08 Delay:800ms
09 Delay:900ms
10 Delay:1000ms

 b. Main menu Interface

Name Parameter) Description
BAND 02 Use 2MHz LPF
04 Use 4MHz LPF
7.5 Use 7.5MHz LPF
15 Use 15MHz LPF
22 Use 22MHz LPF
30 Use 30MHz LPF
VSWR   VSWR values
PO   TX Power)

 3Bypass mode

a.    Press POWER-key till the LED of BAND shows “–” which represents the Bypass Mode kicks in.

b.    Press POWER-key till the LED of BAND shows some sort of numbers, then the Bypass Mode is canceled.

Wiring the Rig

1、 System running in SSB Mode :

2、 System running in CW Mode:

 Power supply requirements:

1. Parameter

Output voltage 12 13.8 V
Output current 8 A

 2. Power connector pin definitions:

      ●- negative,■-positive.

XIEGU XPA20 20 Watts Power Amplifier

XIEGU XPA20 20 Watts Power Amplifier

XIEGU XPA20 20 Watts Power Amplifier

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