Xiegu 20W HF Transceiver

| marzo 24, 2013

Xiegu 20W HF TransceiverXiegu 20W HF Transceiver

Valley Association Chongqing Science and Technology

Transceiver frequency range:

  • RX: 0.5~30M. 50- 55M
  • TX: 0.5~30M. 50- 55M
  • All band consecutive transceiver: Mode: SSB / CW / NFM / AM / RTTY
  • Receiving sensitivity: better than 0.3uV.
  • Operating voltage: 9 to 20VDC
  • Transmitting power: 0 – 20W
  • Receive Current: 0.4-2A @ Min Emission current: 4.5A@ Max
  • Hand microphone interface: RJ45
  • Weight 0.65Kg
  • Size: 128mm ‘ 50mm ‘ 180mm

Key indicator parameters:

  • Carrier rejection: > 50dB
  • Vestigial sideband rejection: > 50dB
  • Frequency stability: 0.5ppm
  • IF selectivity: < 3 (60dB and GdB bandwidth than)
  • Spurious harmonic components: >45dB
  • Stray parasitic components: <-50dB
  • Design the whole dynamic: 110 dB
  • AGC control characteristics: less than or equal to 6dB 80dB range output changes
  • Audio output power: 2W

Basic functions:

Large dynamic preamplifier, pre-fader:

The built-in voice compression, compression ratio optional:

With NR function of;

The power supply voltage indication:

The Transceiver functions with different frequency.

A/ B can be set independently of the different modes and parameters:

Optional frequency mode, channel mode (100 channels storage):

With S table P o table. SWR table shows:

Receiving channel the total gain can be adjusted:

Digital IF:

Built-in high standing wave protection, the protection of the point can be set:

Built-in temperature sensor, intelligent control built-in fan forced air-cooled.

the temperature can be set from the control fan operation mode can be set;

Boot interface can be set to display its own call sign:

Built-in automatic key features, adjustable rate, and a practice mode

With ATU interface, can be connected to external the ATU:

With external PTT. external audio input.

Audio output interface, to facilitate the expansion of peripherals:

Connection with the Ham Radio Deluxe software, full-function control

Equipped with multi-function microphone

Custom chassis, burtons, knobs:

Equipped with a handle:

With the vehicle mounting bracket;

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