X108 HF transceiver

| julio 16, 2014

X108 HF transceiver

The brand new X108 from Chongqing Xiegu Technology is a compact single conversion HF transceiver covering 0.5 to 30 MHz.  Boasting the latest in minimalist industrial design, it offers radio amateurs high quality HF capability at a very affordable price.

X108 HF transceiver

Attention to detail abounds in the X108 – the IF crystal filter stage, for instance, features customised military grade crystals for superb performance in both SSB (2.4 kHz) and CW (500 Hz) modes.

Other features include a switchable AGC circuit, preamplifier and signal attenuator, RIT control for SSB use, and RF output power variable from 1 to 20 Watts.  The front panel meter can display incoming signal strength, RF output power and VSWR, and the transceiver includes high VSWR protection circuitry to guard against potential damage to the output stage caused by antenna mismatching.

The RF output stage features imported RF MOS tubes and APC circuitry for constant output across all bands.  A noise blanker (NB) module is available as an option, as is a high stability 0.5 ppm TCXO module.

 A multi-function digital microphone is supplied as standard, allowing direct operation of many transceiver functions without the need to touch the front panel.

 Up to 32 frequencies can be stored in the X108’s memory bank, while a dedicated USB port is provided on the rear of the unit, allowing PC control via appropriate software with the use of a standard USB A-B cable.

xiegu X108 



  • Low noise, single conversion super heterodyne type
  • Double balanced diode mixer for extended dynamic range
  • 0.2μV receive sensitivity (preamp on)
  • Narrow band double tuned bandpass filters covering all HF amateur frequencies including WARC bands
  • Six element LPF
  • IF channel AGC for constant gain
  • Switchable preamplifier & signal attenuator
  • High performance narrow band IF crystal filter with shape factor up to 1.7
  • Twin VFO for split operation
  • S-meter/RF Power/SWR via front panel display
  • Optional NB module
  • Optional front and rear handles


  • RF Output power adjustable between 1 & 20 Watts
  • Dedicated MOS RF power tube for superior performance
  • High VSWR protection circuitry for output stage
  • Inbuilt CW keyer with adjustable rate

xiegu X108

xiegu X108


Stray radiation rejection ≥40 dBc  Spurious responserejection    ≥ 45 dBc 
Receive frequency range 0.5~30 MHz Carrier suppression  ≥ 45 dBc 
Transmitting frequency range All HF Amateur bands including WARC bands Antenna impedance  50 Ω 
 Operating mode: CW (A1A) Antenna connector  SO239 
AM (A3E)
Frequency stability: 1.0   ppm @ -10℃~+60℃(Standard) Operating voltage 12.5 V ~ 14.5 V DC
0.5 ppm @ -20℃~+75℃(with optional military grade TCXO) Current draw Receiving 0.75 A (max)
Transmitting 7 A (max)
Receive sensitivity: 0.2 uV Dimensions (mm) 120 x 45 x 180
IF filter: SSB 2.4 kHz (-6dB) RF output power(max) 20 W 
CW 0.5 kHz (-6dB)
Dynamic range: 95dB Dimensions (mm) 120 x 45 x 180 

X108 HF transceiver

X108 Parts List:

Name Configuration Name
X108 Standard Edition X108 Main Unit / X108 Rig  
Power Line                           
Service Card                        
Packing Boxes                     
CW Plug                                
SSB Filter                             
CW Filter                               
1ppm_TCXO Module           
X108 Deluxe Edition X108 Main Unit / X108 Rig   
Power Line                           
Service Card                        
Packing Boxes                     
CW Plug                               
SSB Filter                             
CW Filter                               
Front and rear handles      
0.5ppm_TCXO Module        
NB Module                           
Deluxe Edition Mark          

X108 QRP inside:

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