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Radio Spectrum Processor (RSP)

SDRplay Radio Spectrum Processor (RSP)

The SDRplay Radio combines together the Mirics flexible tuner front-end and USB bridge to produce a SDR platform capable of being used for a wide range of worldwide radio and TV standards. The API allows the end user to program their own demodulators or applications around the platform. The SDRplay module uses the Mirics Msi001 polyband tuner.

This tuner does not utilize a traditional analogue AGC scheme but instead uses a digitally controlled AGC scheme. This means that all AGC functionality needs to be implemented within software to prevent overload of the RF front end circuits and to correctly setup the tuner gain parameters. This document outlines a so-called “dead-reckoning” AGC scheme suitable for use with the digitally gain-controlled tuner.

View Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Reference Note

SDRplay combines a flexible tuner front-end and USB bridge creating an SDR platform to allow demodulation to take place on the host processor. An open API allows the end user to create demodulators or applications around the platform. This technical information note outlines some of the main technically specifications of the SDRplay module.

SDRplay Radio Spectrum Processor (RSP)

SDRplay Block Diagram

RF Tuning Range

The RF tuning range of the SDRplay module is detailed below. Note there is a frequency gap in coverage between 380MHz and 430MHz and whilst most units will provide some coverage in this region, these are the guaranteed frequency coverage limits

  • 0.1MHz – 380MHz
  • 430MHz – 2000MHz

Front End Filtering

The front end is protected by a series of passive RF filters. These filters are automatically selected based on the RF frequency programmed. The filter ranges are shown below

  • 12 MHz Low Pass Filter
  • 12 – 30 MHz Band Pass Filter
  • 30 – 60 MHz Band Pass Filter
  • 60 – 120MHz Band Pass Filter
  • 120 – 250 MHz Band Pass Filter
  • 250 – 380 MHz Band Pass Filter
  • 430 – 1000 MHz Band Pass Filter
  • 1000MHz High Pass Filter

Intermediate Frequencies

The SDR play module supports the following intermediate frequencies

  • Zero IF
  • 450 kHz IF
  • 1.620 MHZ IF
  • 2.048 MHz IF

IF Bandwidths

The following IF filter bandwidths are supported

  • 200 kHz
  • 300 kHz
  • 600 kHz
  • 1.536 MHz
  • 5.000 MHz
  • 6.000 MHz
  • 7.000 MHz
  • 8.000 MHz

ADC Sample Frequency Range

The ADC sample frequency can be adjusted between the ranges

• 0.5MSPS – 12MSPS


Can support all key broadcast standards, including:

  • AM
  • DRM
  • FM
  • DAB
  • DVB-T
  • DVB-T2
  • ISDB-T
  • ISDB-T OneSeg


  • Compatible with existing open source radio software
  • SDR# plugin available
  • Software upgradeable for future standards
  • API provided to allow demodulator or application development
  • Multiplatform support including Windows, Linux, Mac and Android

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