RTL2832U Noise, shielding and cables

| marzo 13, 2013

RTL2832U Noise, shielding and cables

The plastic cases the dongles ship in leads electrical interference susceptability. It is best to shield them if you can. Acinonyx describes one way to doing this using a single strip of aluminum tape combined with a spring to connect it to the dongle ground. I wrap the entire pcb, except the grounds on the connectors, with kapton tape and then use a single continuous piece of aluminum foil tape to wrap the rest of the dongle. This is easiest with minis. Even sealed with aluminum tape they seem to dissipate heat and reach thermal equilibrium fine in terms PPM error.

RTL2832U Noise, shielding and cablesAnother way to minimize electrical noise is to use a long USB *active* extension cable with hubs at the end and ferrites added. The 10 meter long active USB extension cable I bought seems to decrease the noise floor as compared to directly hooking up to my computer’s USB ports. Additionally it lets me place my dongle directly on the antenna feed outside without the signal loss of coaxial cable.

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