Rapid Deploy Stealth 9390 Multiband HF Dipole

| marzo 2, 2013

By admin


  • Continuous 1.6 to 30 MHz coverage
  • 125W CW/DATA, 200W PEP SSB power handling
  • Fast – 0.35 sec tuning time from memory
  • Sensitive to weak signals – built-in broadband RX amplifier
  • Does not require external antenna coupler/tuner
  • Compatible with all HF radios – USB programmable interface
  • Supports Automatic Link Establishment (ALE)
  • Portable for transportation – 1.8 m long canvas bag
  • Rapid Deployment – quick-lock clamping system

Availability: end of summer 2013.

The antenna will be displayed at IWCE in Vegas.

Price: Around 2K USD

Source: NEW-Equipment

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