PCB for Minima HF Transceiver

| enero 23, 2014

These days I did a little work in Eagle on the PCBs design for Farhan’s new Minima Transceiver. As suggested on the discussion group, I split up in two boards, actually three (one optional) as described:

– one PCB for the LCD, Arduino and Si570;
– the Main Board, with the rest of components;
– an optional small board with the PC serial interface.

Minima Transceiver

Minima’s PCBs split

Main board

The main board is 100 x 105 mm. Here you can download the pdf file, set as A4 paper format, 1:1 scale. NOTE: the drawing is mirrored, ready to use for Press and Peel PCB making.

Minima Transceiver PCB

Minima Main Board PCB

Components Layout, pdf file:

Minima Transceiver PCB

Minima Main Board Layout

And image file.

Some remarks regarding what components are used:

– resistors have 5 mm grid (suitable for 1/4-1/8W miniature resistors, or 1/4 and up, mounted vertically);
– fixed caps have 5 mm grid, electrolytics 2.5 mm;
– capacitors at the crystal filter are SMD 1206;
– relays: SPDT are Omron G5V-1 12V (or cheaper types: RSY-12, RSM957-P-12) and DPDT are Omron G5V-2 12V (cheaper RS-12 etc.);
– for fancy homebrewers, SMA pcb connectors to Si570 and power amplifier/LPFs. Can be omitted, you can simply solder a small coax into the holes;
– TZ03 small type trimmers.

The PCB is still a first issue/preliminary version. If you notice wiring mistakes or anything unusual please contact me.

Sooner this week I will publish the LCD/Arduino/Si570 board.

To be updated… http://yo4hhp.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/pcb-for-minima-general-coverage-transceiver/

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