Icom ID-4100 Review Disassembly

| abril 3, 2017

Icom ID-4100 Review Disassembly

VHF/UHF DUAL BAND Transceiver Model: ID-4100A

ICOM Incorporated Osaka, Japan

  • Type of Equipment: Amateur Transmitter & Scanning Receiver
  • Operating Frequency Range: 118-174 MHz, 230-550 MHz
  • Power Input Source: 13.8 VDC
  • Equipment Type: Mobile

ID-4100 Inside Photos


Bottom surface



The front part of the upside down state


The main foundation is in one piece, the final module, heat conductive grease Bettori.


Foundation up


Mainframe, Toka waste heat design has improved compared with the IC-207 at that time?


Again, applied too much sense MAX











Port Description

Number of Identical Ports

Connector Type Cable Type (Shielded/Non-shielded)
Microphone 1 RJ-45 Non-Shielded
DC Power [DC 13.8V] 1 2 wires Non-Shielded
Antenna Connector [ANT] 1 PL-259 Shielded
Controller 1 RJ11 Non-Shielded
External Speaker [EXT-SP] 1 3.5mm Mini Jack Non-Shielded
Data Jack 1 2.5mm Mini Jack Non-Shielded


Micro SD card slot, not the focus is not match


RJ11 and part of a controller


RJ-45 connector microphone connector


Texas Instruments , Inc. of DSP TMS320


Renesas Electronics Corporation of the microcomputer R5F564MLDDFB



144MHz band and 430MHz band antenna sharing circuit portion by an angle, M connectors are soldered on the left side of the substrate


DATA terminal and the speaker and the CI-V in the common terminal, the power supply line is growing from the middle


GPS unit of the controller section – Cirocomm Technology Corp


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