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Even More Capable with a Waterfall and Mouse Control


  • Spectrum Waterfall Display Function for More Detailed Spectrum Analysis
  • Audio Peak Filter AF Level Setting Effective for Weak CW Signals
  • New CI-V Commands Link with External Antenna Controller and Logging Software
  • Mouse Operation Provides “Click-and-Listen” Control
  • TX Delay Function to Control an External Linear Amplifier
  • New Functions are a Free Download for All Existing IC-7600 Owners
  • Spectrum Waterfall Display Function

The waterfall display captures signal strengths over time. This allows you to see weak signals that may not be apparent on a normal spectrum scope. The combination of the spectrum and waterfall screens give you a better view of weaker signals as band conditions change.


Mouse Operation

Connect a USB mouse to select various spectrum scope features. You can point and click the mouse for “Click-and-Listen” receiver control. * A USB hub is required to simultaneously connect both a USB mouse and keyboard.


For example:

C Left-click to select a signal or operating frequency.

G Right-click to temporarily select a different frequency. Release the

mouse button to return to the original frequency. G Click and hold a button (either left or right) and move to the right or left to increase or decrease the operating frequency (similar to rotating the main dial).

Audio Peak Filter AF Level Setting

The IC-7600’s Audio Peak Filter function is improved with the addition of a separate APF gain function. In steps of 1 dB, you are able to increase the APF gain up to 6 dB – excellent for hearing weak CW signals buried in the noise.

TX Delay Function

The TX delay function sets the transmission timing for use with an external linear amplifier which has a slow TX rise time. (10 ms, 20 ms, 25 ms, 30 ms or OFF for each of the HF and 50MHz bands.)

New CI-V Commands

Antenna Control Commands

When you change operating frequency, mode and filter settings, the antenna controller command automatically outputs the current status via the remote jack (CI-V). Commands can be used with an external antenna controller to control a multi-band antenna. * Compatible 3rd party external antenna controller required.


Logging Software Commands

Commands are added to record the transceiver’s Main and Sub band frequencies, modes and filter and data settings in Dualwatch or Split opeartion. These commands can be used via the remote jack (CI-V) or USB connector for logging operations. * Compatible 3rd party logging software required.


Other New Commands

• RIT and dTX setting commands

• Wake-up function from the standby mode via the remote jack (CI-V)

For IC-7600 owners, the latest firmware can be download free from:


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