IC-7410 Modification TX on 60m Band

| enero 4, 2017

IC-7410 ModificationTX on 60m Band

For use TX in 60m Band remove D1515 on the Main-Unit

Registry Technical Information

Data: March 09.2011

TX/RX Frequency expansion of IC-7410

IC-7410 modification TX-RX Frequency expansion

TX frequency coverage expansion (HF/50MHZ bands)

BAND 1 (expanded frequency: 1.6-29.999999 MHz. 50.0-54.0 Mhz )

Remove D1504. D1505. D1506 and D1507 as shown helow. Add D15G3 as shown below.


BAND 2 (expanded frequency: 1 6-54 0 MHz) Remove D1504. D1505 and D1507 as shown below. Add D1503 and D1505 as shown below


BAND 3 (expanded frequency: 1.6-60.0 MHz) Remote D1504, D1506 and D1507 as shown below, Add D1503 and D1505 as shown below.

IC-7410 modification TX-RX Frequency expansion


Icom strongly suggests that the customer have their dealer or Icom distributor, for a reasonable fee, install Icom options at the time of the order. Icom understands that even the simplest of installations demands the judgment of a trained Icom technician. Therefore, Icom will not be responsible for damage to the optional unit, or subsequent damage to the transceiver due to user installation problems. The option’s or the transceiver’s Warranty can be voided in such situations, at the sole judgment of Icom. For those customers who still wish to install their own options, knowing the risks and possible consequences, the following information is provided for information purposes only.

The following are instructions for removing the covers of the IC-7410.

WARNING ! Turn OFF the power and disconnect the DC power cable from the transceiver before performing any work on the transceiver. Otherwise, there is danger of electric shock and/or equipment damage.

  1. Remove the two screws from the carrying handle and remove it from the transceiver.
  2. Remove the six screws from the top of the transceiver and the six screws from the sides, then lift up the top cover.
  3. Turn the transceiver upside-down.

CAUTION : NEVER HOLD THE UNIT BY THE DIAL OR ANY OTHER KNOBS when you turn the transceiver upside down. This may damage them, or cause you to drop the transceiver.

  1. Remove the six screws from the bottom, and then lift off the bottom cover.

You are now inside the transceiver. If you don’t have the access you like, you may have to disassemble the front unit also.

Again, if you don’t need comfortable and don’t have the right tools, don’t even think to do the following modification. It’s not worth to damage your brand new ICOM IC-7410 HF/50 MHz transceiver. You must have experience working with SMD components and you also need to have 1 or 2 SMD diodes to solder to the right places, as shown to the following diagram. You will need at least a low wattage soldering iron for SMD components and a powerful magnifying glass.


This modification is presented for informational use only and is NOT guaranteed !

IC-7410 modification TX-RX Frequency expansion

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