IC-7100 MARS CAP Modification

| abril 12, 2014

IC-7100 MARS/CAP Modification

Remove the following diodes to open the referenced frequency ranges.

In the IC-7100 the radio frequency range can be opened in various configurations. The chart below describes four radio frequency range configurations and the specific diode(s) that enable that configuration. Select only one of the four configurations.

Note: Frequency range and specifications cannot be guaranteed after modification.

Desired Frequency Band Remove Diode
0.1 – 199.999999 MHz

400 – 470 MHz

D6316 and D6315 Leave all other diodes at default
1.6 -25.999999 MHz

28 -29.999999 MHz

50 -54 MHz

144 – 146 MHz

430 -440 MHz

D6315 Leave all other diodes at default
1.6 -54 MHz

68 – 74.7999 MHz

118 – 174 MHz

400 – 470 MHz

D6316 Leave all other diodes at default
5.255 -5.405 MHz Only D6310 Leave all other diodes at default

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IC-7100 MARS/CAP Modification

Official Icom document on how to expand transmit range for IC-7100

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