FTM-100DR Resources

| julio 13, 2015

FTM-100DR Resources


FTM-100DR Resources

Features of this transceiver

144/430 MHz dual-band transceiver equipped with standard C4FM digital communication modulation

Clear audio and data communication are achieved using the digital modulation


  • Wide-band receives in the 108 MHz to 999 MHz range (air band, information wireless band)
  • Transmit power 50 watts with cooling fan
  • The dot matrix LCD is mounted on the front panel
  • 500 memory channels in the A-band and 500 channels in the B-band
  • Your frequency memory channels and transceiver configuration settings can be backed

up using a microSD memory card. The data on the microSD memory card can easily be copied to other transceivers

A choice of scanning functions (including VFO scan, memory scan)

Built-in GPS receiver unit displays your station location and movement information.

Connection to external GPS devices is enabled. Incorporated APRS® function enables data communication of location information and messages.



FTM-100DR Operating Manual  (47.58 MB)

FTM-100DR/DE Quick Manual  (2.61 MB)

Refer to the separate “APRS Instruction Manual” 

GM (Group Monitor) function in which frequently communicating members can be registered as a group, thereby allowing location information and messages to be exchanged

Refer to the separate “GM Instruction Manual” 

Supports Yaesu WIRES-X Internet linking, enabling communication with remote partners via the Internet

Refer to the separate “WIRES-X Instruction Manual

Bluetooth adaptor unit BU-2 (sold separately) permits hands-free operation O Voice guide unit FVS-2 (sold separately) provides voice announcements and recording of received audio

Refer to the separate DR-1X Installation Program Application form

The WIRES-X, APRS, and GM Instruction Manuals are not included with this product. Please download them directly from the Yaesu website.

Refer to the separate WIRES-X Connection Kit HRI-200 Instruction Manual  ( 6.42 MB )

FTM-100 Update firmware

Why do I need to update Firmware?

In the past when you bought an HT what you got was what you got – there was no way to update it. That has all changed. Because all of the firmware in your radio can be updated, the radio you bought today is capable of doing new things tomorrow.

The other reason you need to keep firmware up to date is because there are bugs. Early versions of firmware had problems that caused people to be very unhappy with their radios – some even sold them!

What needs to be updated?

There are at least two firmware “packages” in your radio. They are the controller firmware and the DSP firmware.

Checking Versions FTM-100DR

The Main, Panel, and DSP controller firmware versions can be determined in one operation as follows:

1. Press and hold DISP to bring up the main menu.

2. Use the Dial to select #13 RST/CLONE

3. Use the Dial to select #8 SOFTWARE VERSION

FTM-100DR/DE Firmware Update Information

  • In the case of performing the update, please update the firmware of the following to the latest version. If you update only a portion of the firmware, it may radio does not work properly. 
  • Please use the SCU-20 (PC connection cable) of accessories. Before connecting the radio to the computer with the SCU-20, in advance, please install the driver of the SCU-20 to the computer you want to use.

The latest versions are listed below with the release dates.

■ MAIN Firmware Version 1.20 (02/12/16)

■ DSP Software Version 0410 (01/14/16)

■ PANEL Firmware Version 1.30 (01/14/16)

Currently we have three different destination versions of the FTM-100DR/DE: USA, AUS and EXP (including EU and CHN).

You must check the version radio you have and use the correct update firmware. The destination is marked on the box serial number label. See the below label example for USA destination. If the box in not available, the country you purchased the radio in may indicate the destination. If the FCC part 15 rules statement is on the radio above the Serial/ID label, it is the USA version. Other versions will not have the FCC label.

MAIN Firmware Ver. 1.20

  • DST: USA version covers North and South America FTM-100D_ver120(USA).zip
  • DST: AUS version covers Australia and New Zealand FTM-100D_ver120(AUS).zip
  • DST: EXP/EU/CHN covers all other countries FTM-100D_ver120(EXP).zip

PANEL Firmware Ver. 1.30

FTM-100D_PANEL_ver120(EXP).zip Covers all countries except JPN

DSP Firmware Ver. 0410


Covers all countries except JPN


Please be sure to confirm the model and the version of your transceiver before starting the update. Writing incorrect firmware to the transceiver may cause abnormal operation or failure.

FTM-100DR/DE Main Ver. 1.20 and Panel Ver. 1.30 (2/12/16) • Improved and optimized.

NOTE: When MAIN Firmware Ver. 1.20 is installed you must check the DSP and Panel Firmware version. If you do not have DSP Ver. 0410 and Panel Ver. 1.30 firmware, then it must also be installed at the same time (otherwise the radio may not function correctly). Refer to Firmware Update Instruction Manual to find how to check the Main, DSP and Panel Firmware version.

If you already have Main Ver. 1.20, DSP Ver. 0410 and Panel Ver. 1.30 Firmware versions, it is not necessary to update the FTM-100DR/DE again


FTM-100DR/DE Firmware Main Ver. 1.20, Panel Ver. 1.30 and DSP Ver. 0410 (02/12/16)  (14.46 MB)



SCU-20 (PC connection cable) driver download

SCU-20, the personal computer and the FTM using the USB terminal between -100D / FTM-100DH This is the cable for the exchange of data. To use the SCU-20 (PC connection cable), so you need to install the driver software on the PC.

SCU-20 PC Connection Cable Driver  ( 3.21 MB )

Installation Manual SCU-20 (PC connection cable) driver

Microphone (MH-48A6JA)

FTM-100 Microphone MH-48A6JA-1The desired functions can be assigned to buttons [P1] to [P4]. Select the function from [8 CONFIG] — [10 MIC PROGRAM KEY] in the Setup menu

FTM-100 Modifications

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