DR-B185 Alinco

| junio 25, 2015

DR-B185 Alinco


  • DR-B185/B185T : Land mobile
  • DR-B185HT/HE : Amateur Radio

DR-B185 Alinco

The DR-B185 in its compact package is loaded with high technology features: high stability PLL synthesizer, newly designed power circuit that puts out 85W max, 7-digit alphanumeric display, a wide variety of scanning features, just to name a few. Yet the operation is intuitive and simple with user-friendly configuration. Using a high-tech, high-powered radio is this simple!


Frequency range

DR-B185 : Land mobile TX/RX 136-173.995MHz

DR-B185T : Land mobile

  • (FCC) TX/RX 150-173.995MHz
  • (IC) TX/RX 138-173.995MHz

DR-B185HT : Amateur (FCC/IC) 

  • TX 144-147.995MHz
  • RX 136-173.995MHz

DR-B185HE : Amateur (CE) TX/RX 144-145.995MHz


  • DR-B185 : Max.85W/5W (guaranteed 65W throughout the band)
  • DR-B185T : 65W/5W (Max. 85W in 144-148MHz range/IC)
  • DR-B185HT/B185HE : 85W/5W

DR-B185HT_HE_alinco_1 DR-B185HT_HE_alinco_2


  • Scanning functions including DCS/CTCSS/ Priority/Group and timer/busy modes.
  • Wide and Narrow FM modes 39 tone CTCSS/DCS/2-tone encode and decode
  • HIGH/LOW power setting Offset direction and frequnecy variable
  • Keypad lockout/Reverse function
  • Alphanumeric tag/Display dimmer
  • Automatic illumination brightness
  • DTMF TX speed, pause and monitoring features
  • S-METER squelch
  • Multifunctional microphone with keypads
  • Cable cloning

Standard accessories


  • DR-B185HT : EMS-57 DTMF Remote DR-B185T/HE : EMS-53 Plain
  • DR-B185 : Either EMS-53 or EMS-57, depending on dealers’ sales policy

Spare accessories

  • Mobile bracket
  • DC Power Cable
  • EMS-57 : Back-Lit microphone with key pad
  • EMS-53 : Plain microphone



ATTENTION : DR-B185/185T land mobiles

• The utility software may be available to distributors/dealers only. USB programming cable is required. The manufacturer will not release the software to unauthorized party so please contact your dealer for details.

• This product may be blocked for operations before sales and only dealers can program the radio before delivery to consumers. Manufacturer is not aware of details of such dealer-programming therefore please kindly contact your dealer first in case technical-service may be necessary.


User Manual


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