Cobra 29LXMAX Bluetooth Module

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Cobra 29LXMAX Bluetooth Module

Cobra 29LXMAX Bluetooth Module CSR8670The Bluetooth  module meets the requirement of radio frequency circuit shielding. The module does not provide a direct data input to the modulator.

Requirement of Power Supply Regulation: The module incorporates its own power supply regulating circuits.

Antenna Requirement: The module is a sub assembly mounted on a host PCB. The module antenna function is mounted on the host PCB. Further, module shielding prohibits antenna placement on the module PCB.

The module Has integrated the CSR8670CG is an audio system-on-chip (SoC) solution with wireless connectivity, embedded flash memory and integrated capacitive touch sensors, enabling the creation of feature rich home entertainment and wearable audio products with a highly compelling user experience and superior audio performance.

Cobra 29LXMAX Bluetooth Operation

Calls on a Bluetooth® enabled cell phone can be routed through the 29 LX MAX speaker or external speaker accessory.

Cobra 29LXMAX Bluetooth Operation

To Pair with a Cell Phone

Press and hold the BT Button for six seconds to enter Ready For Pairing mode. A tone will sound to confirm entry to pairing mode.

A. First time pairing with a cell phone:

I. A tone will sound to confirm Pairing mode.

II. Follow the cell phone manufacturer’s instruction to enable its Bluetooth function. Select 29 LX MAX from the list of Bluetooth devices. Enter the PIN (Personal Identification Number) 0000 if required. Most smart-phones no longer require a PIN entry.

III. Successful pairing will be indicated by a tone to confirm entry to Connected mode. A pair record will also be established for subsequent connections.

B. Subsequent pairings with a cell phone:

I. Follow the cell phone manufacturer’s instruction, to enable it’s Bluetooth® function.

II. Successful pairing will be indicated by a tone to confirm entry to Connected mode.

To Answer Calls

[1) Press and release the BT Button when the cell phone ring is heard through the 29 LX MAX speaker.

[2) Speak into the 29 LX MAX microphone. The CB function of the unit and PTT Button will be disabled while a call is in progress.

[3) Press and release the BT Button to end the call. A tone will sound.

To Initiate Calls

(1) To initiate the phone’s voice assistant, if supported, press and release the BT Button twice.

(2) Dial a number according to the cell phone manufacturer’s instructions. The key press and other tones will be heard through the 29 LX MAX speaker.

(3) Press Send on the cell phone, you will hear the ring tone for the number you dialed on the CB speaker. Once connected, speak into the microphone.

(4) Press and release of the BT Button to end the call. A tone will sound.

(5) Press and hold the BT Button for two seconds to redial a number. A tone will sound; and after a few seconds, you will hear the ring tone for the number you dialed.


  • Dual Point Bluetooth:Dual Point Bluetooth: For team drivers, two cell phones can be paired, however; only one phone can be used at a time.
  • If no further pairing steps are taken, the unit will time-out and return to Standby after 90 seconds. During the pairing process, press and release the BT Button or DIM/ESC to cancel the pairing process.
  • For Text-to-Speech conversion, an app should be downloaded to your cell phone.
  • When cell phone calls are in progress using the Bluetooth features, the CB functions of the unit are disabled unless the phone call is put on hold
  • When dialing a phone number \ on your phone’s keypad, it is recommended that you dial when the vehicle is not in motion.
  • The external microphone can be plugged into the rear of the unit and clipped to a pocket or lapel for hands-free speech during calls
  • When the external microphone \ is plugged in, the main microphone will not pick up speech during calls but will be fully \ functional for CB operation.
Downloading the iRadar App

For optimal performance and access to all this radio’s advanced features, you should download the iRadar app. To download the app you must enter the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and search for Cobra iRadarFollow the onscreen instructions to download and install the Cobra iRadar app.

Make sure to check out the Tutorial for a full explanation of app features. The Tutorial can be accessed from the Menu.

Information on specific settings and explanations of radar bands can be found by pressing the green info icons in the settings menus. The iRadar app can also be used to change and easily adjust the alert settings.

Pairing/Connecting With Your Radio to Use with the Cobra iRadar App

GPS and iRadar-based features require connection to a Bluetooth® device and the Cobra iRadar app.  Please note, this is a newer Bluetooth® low-energy technology and pairing is not always done in the same manner and menus as conventional Bluetooth®. This radio will NOT APPEAR in the Bluetooth® Settings menu of your iPhone®. For iPhone® 5s and later:

a. Power on the CB radio.

b. Make sure your iPhone Bluetooth® is turned On.

c. Start the Cobra iRadar application. Press the Menu icon (three horizontal bars) in the upper left corner of the app and select Devices. Select 29 LX MAX from the devices list. A successful connection shows under the paired devices list as 29 LX MAX CONNECTED.

d. From the main menu, 29 LX MAX – CONNECTED appears.

Settings menu of your Android™ :

a. Power on the CB radio.

b. Make sure your Android™ Bluetooth® is turned On. Press and hold the Bluetooth® button on the microphone to put the radio into Bluetooth pairing mode.

c. Select Bluetooth® from SETTINGS on the Android device. The Available Devices list should contain the following:


  • 29 LX MAX (phone functionality)
  • 29 LX MAX (iRadar app functionality)

d. Select 29 LX MAX phone to pair and connect to the 29 LX MAX phone call feature.

Select 29 LX MAX iRadar for pairing to the iRadar app.

The phone might show”Paired but not connected” in this menu. That’s OK as the connection will be completed after opening the iRadar App.

e. Enter the iRadar App to complete the connection.

f. From the main menu, 29 LX MAX – CONNECTED appears.

AURA® Location-Based Alerts (LBAs) and iRadar Community

Your radio is capable of providing you with LBAs and iRadar Community threat sharing data when connected to phone running iRadar. The radio uses the GPS in your smartphone to connect to and obtain the latest LBA’s and alert you to them. Vehicle speed uses your phone’s GPS as well.

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