BearTracker 885

| abril 24, 2017

BearTracker 885


The BearTracker 885 combines Uniden’s top-rated Bearcat CB communications technology and Uniden’s most popular scanners. Once you know what public safety issues are ahead of you, you can talk to others in that area for advice on avoiding traffic backup and other delays.

 BearTracker 885 CB Radio + DIGITAL SCANNER


The BearTracker 885 includes a database of all known public safety and DOT channels in the US and Canada. The included GPS allows the scanner to select channels in your area, wherever you are. We update the database weekly, so you can easily keep your BearTracker 885’s database up-to-date using the BT885 Update Manager. Listen to these safety channels and always be aware of what’s ahead.

The BearTracker 885 cannot receive encrypted or some proprietary types of digital systems

The scanner feature operates alongside the unit’s CB radio features. There is no switching back and forth between modes; just press a button and you’re listening to Police channels, Fire department channels, etc., while standard CB channels are active.


Like any CB radio, the BearTracker 885 opens communication between you and other travelers. This full-featured CB radio provides 40 channels, 4-Watt RF power, a 7-color display, an SWR meter for precision antenna tuning, RF Gain, Mic Gain, PA mode, Talkback, and NOAA weather channels with an Alert function. An ergonomic, noise-cancelling microphone enhances your transmissions, even in the noisy environment of a tractor-trailer cab.


The BearTracker Warning System (BWS) alerts you whenever there is nearby public safety radio traffic. The radio detects the public safety vehicle’s radio’s low-power signals and alerts you if there are signals up to about 3 to 5 miles from your location. If you are using this in a commercial vehicle, it is NOT a radar detector but a completely legal public safety service scanner.

Some states restrict the use of scanners in vehicles. Please check your local state laws for any restrictions.


  • 7-Color LCD Display
  • Day/Night LCD Settings
  • Weather Alert
  • Squelch Control
  • Weather Channel Scan
  • Emergency Channel 9
  • PA Function
  • Wireless Mic Compatible
  • Digital and Analog Police/Fire/Ambulance/DOT scanner
  • Scan system types include conventional analog and digital, Motorola, LTR, EDACS, APCO P25 Phase I and Phase II
  • Includes VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz
  • Quick avoid for unwanted channels
  • Individually select types of channels to receive
  • BearTracker Warning System
  • SWR Meter
  • CB/Scanner Audio Priority
  • Antenna System Check
  • Mic and RF Gain
  • Talkback
  • ANL/NB


Your BearTracker 885 contains the following:

  • ■ BearTracker 885 CB 2-way mobile radio
  • ■ Noise-Cancelling Microphone
  • ■ Mounting Bracket Kit
  • ■ DC Power Cord
  • ■ Window-Mount Antenna
  • ■ Micro-SD card and SD Card adapter (pre-installed)
  • ■ GPS Receiver/RJ45 cable
  • ■ Owner’s Manual
  • ■ Part 95 Subpart D (FCC Rules)

If any items are missing or damaged, contact your place of purchase immediately.



1. Volume Control knob with Power On/Off. Turn the knob clockwise until it clicks to turn power on. Continue turning the knob clockwise to increase the volume. Turn the Volume Control knob counterclockwise to decrease the volume or until it clicks to turn power off.

2. SQUELCH knob: Reduces background noise when there is no incoming signal.

3. SRF/CAL/SWR Meter: Displays Receive signal strength, RF Power, and SWR reading.

4. Channel Number display.

5. Public Safety Channels/Functions


6. SD Card Slot

7. MENU/OK|Channel Selector. This knob accesses the menu system and changes selections for the menus. It also changes channels.

All channels except Channel 9 may be used for normal communication. The FCC reserves Channel 9 for emergencies involving the immediate safety of individuals or protection of property. Use Channel 9 to render assistance to a motorist. This is an FCC rule and applies to all CB operators.

8. Microphone socket.

9. Indicates which public safety channels are active.

10. SRF/CAL/SWR: Press to switch the display between Signal Strength / RF Mode, Calibration Mode, and SWR Mode

11. CB/PA/WX\WXALT: Selects CB (Citizens Band) PA (Public Address), Weather, or Weather Alert.

Do not use the PA function unless an external speaker is connected.

12. ANL/NB\TALKBACK: Controls ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter) and NB (Noise Blanker) settings (on or off) Talkback lets you monitor yourself when transmitting.

13. 9/19\DAY/NIGHT: Press to switch between emergency channel 9, channel 19, and standard CB channels.

14. Frequency Display: Displays the MHz of the selected channel. Also displays menu options.

15. FUNC\MICGAIN: Press once to access the second function of other buttons (indicated after the vertical bar on the button). Press twice to adjust Mic Gain.

16. S.MUTE\AVOID: Scanner Mute mutes the voice from incoming transmissions. AVOID lets you put channels on a temporary avoid list so the scanner will skip them.

17. RF Gain: Adjust Receive frequency.


18. GPS Jack

19. CB Antenna socket: Connects antenna to the unit.

20. PA SP: Connects optional external 8-ohm, 4-watt speaker for use as a public address system.

To prevent acoustic feedback, separate the microphone from the speaker when operating the PA at high output levels.

21. EXT. SP: Connects 8-ohm 4-watt speaker to remotely monitor receiver.

When an external speaker is plugged in, the internal speaker is off.

22. Scanner Antenna Socket

23. POWER +12 VDC: Connects DC power to transceiver.



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