BAOFENG Mini BF-9100A UHF handheld radio

| noviembre 4, 2016

BAOFENG Mini BF-9100A UHF handheld radio

BAOFENG Mini BF-9100A UHF handheld radio
Mini handheld radio BF-9100A baofeng


  • Output : 0.5W/1W
  • Frequency Range: 400.00-420.00 MHz
  • the frequency should be UHF 400-420MHz, which means you may need a programming cable to write it from 400-420MHz to 400-470MHz if needed.
  • High/ Low Power Switchover
  • VOX Function
  • 51 CTCSS and 210 DCS Codes
  • Emergency Alarm
  • Priory Scanning Function
  • FM broadcast 65-108MHz
  • Countdown timer

BAOFENG Mini BF-9100A UHF handheld radio


Frequency Range: 400.00-420.00 MHz
Storage Channel 20
Step Frequency 12.5/25KHz
Rated voltage DC 3.7V
Frequency Stability ±2.5ppm
Work Temperature -20 ℃ to +60℃
Battery Capacity H-1500m Ah (Li-ion Battery)
Battery Life About 12 Hours
Antenna Impedance 50 Ω
Dimension 108x55x21 mm (Including Antenna)
Weight 120g (Including battery)


Output Power 0.5W/1W
Modulation Mode(W/N Band) 16KΦF3E/11KΦF3E
Maximum Frequency Deviation (W/N Band) ≤5KHz / ≤2.5KHz
Spurious Power ≤7.5 µW
Adjacent channel power ≤-65dB/≤-60dB
Audio Distortion <5 %
SNR ≥-45dB/≥-40dB
CTSCC/DCS Frequency Deviation(W/N Band) 0.7±0.1KHz (W), 0.4±0.1KHz (N)
Modulation Sensitivity 8-12mV
Transmitting Current ≤1000mA


 Sensitivity <0.25 µ V (12dB  SINAD)
Audio Power 1 W
Inter modulation Interference Resistance ≥65dB (W), ≥60dB (N)
Adjacent channel Selectivity (W/N Band) ≥65dB (W), ≥55dB (N)
Audio Distortion 5 %
Receiving Current ≤ 380m A

BAOFENG Mini BF-9100A UHF handheld radio BAOFENG Mini BF-9100A UHF handheld radio

BAOFENG Mini BF-9100A UHF handheld radio

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