Baofeng mini-1 UHF Car Mobile Radio

| noviembre 6, 2016

Baofeng mini-1 UHF Car Mobile Radio

Baofeng UHF 400-470MHz 15W Mobile Car Transceiver

Baofeng mini-1 UHF Car Mobile Radio

Baofeng mini-one / mini-1

UHF mobile car radio. It is mini simple economical and convenient .This item is suitable for short distance communication and very suitable for road trips.

  • Mini size / Easy operation/ Save space
  • Max 20 saving channels
  • Power output 15W
  • Dual standby
  • Dual call
  • Easy repeater access, twice communication range
  • Automatically synchronize vehicle and handheld radios
  • Offline communication or emergency call between vehicle radio and handheld radio
  • OUTPUT DC 5V,easy to access car EDR and mobile device

Baofeng mini-1 UHF Car Mobile Radio

Brand name Baofeng
Model MINI-1
Frequency UHF 400-420MHz
RF power output =15W
Memory Channel 20
DC in (cigarette lighter interface) DC-13.8V
External dc power supply >2A
DC out 5V
Dual standby Yes
Dual call Yes
Emergency alarm function Yes
DC out (5V) Yes
Relay connector Yes
Connect earpiece/speaker mic Yes
Connect mini-1 two way radio Yes
Weight 370g(13.05oz)
Size 12.8 x 10 x 2.6cm(5.04 x 3.94 x 1.02in)

Baofeng mini-1 UHF Car Mobile Radio

When get this radio, the frequency should be UHF400-420MHz, which means you may need a programming cable to write it from 400-420MHz to 400-470MHz if needed.

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