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DJ-G29T FM Handheld Amateur Radio | Radioaficion Ham Radio

DJ-G29T FM Handheld Amateur Radio



DJ-G29T is a dual band handheld transceiverAlinco DJ-G29T 222/902 MHz Dual Band FM Transceiver

Handheld Amateur Radio

The DJ-G29T is a dual band handheld transceiver that allows transmitting and receiving on 902MHz frequencies as well as 222MHz.


  • A full-duplex system that allows operating the main band and the sub band simultaneously.
  • lndependent dials are provided respectively to the main band and the sub band. The operating frequencies, volume and squelch levels can be adjusted.
  • It features a large-screen full-matrix LCD with clear characters and easy-to-read Icons that facilitates easy operation.
  • The DJ-G29T includes a VOX function allowing "hands-free" contacts.
  • A clone function allows copying configurations and various data between DJ-G29T units. Configurations and data can also be edited when connected to a PC (optional cable required).
  • lncludes CTCSS/DCS/reverse tone squelch functions as standard .
  • Alinco's patented channel scope function allows visually monitoring signals received on the main channel and those nearby.
  • A "Wild Key" that allows jumping to a frequently used set-mode function.

DJ-G29T is a dual band handheld transceiver



Frequency range:

TX(Main band):

  • 222.000 - 224.995MHz
  • 902.000 - 927995MHz

RX(Main/Sub band):

  • 216.000 - 249.995MHz
  • 902.000 - 927.995MHz

Antenna impedance: 50 ohm (SMA)

Supply voltage:

  • DC 7.4V (EBP-73 Li-Ion battery pack)
  • DC 9~16V (external regulated source)

Ground: Negative ground

Current consumption:

  • -TXapprox. 1.7A/222MHz, 1.7A/902MHz
  • - RXapprox. 200mA/Dual, 150mA/Mono
  • - Battery save (1:4) approx. average : Dual 56mA/Mono 50mA

Temperature range: -10°C~+45°C (+14~+113°F)

Frequency stability: +2.5ppm (@-10 - +45°C)

Dimensions (WxHxD Projections exclusive):

61 x 106 x 38 mm or 2.40 x 4.17 x 1.50 in.

Weight (Antenna/EBP-73 inclusive): Approx. 296 g /9.55 oz

DJ-G29T is a dual band handheld transceiver


Output power (approx):

  • - DC13.8V:222MHz 5/1/0.4W, 902MHz 2.5/1/0.4W
  • - EBP-73:222MHz 4/0.8/0.3W, 902MHz 1.7/0.8/0.3W
  • - 4 x AAcells (Max): 222MHz 1.5W, 902MHz 0.7W,

Modulation mode: F1D/F2D/F3E

Spurious emission: -60dB or less

Maximum frequency deviation: ±5KHz


System: Double-conversion super heterodyne

IF frequencies (1st/2nd):

  • Main band: 51.65MHz / 450KHz
  • Sub band: 50.75MHz / 450KHz


Main band:

  • 222MHz ham-radio bands -14dBu
  • 902MHz ham-radio bands -14dBu

Sub band:

  • 222MHz ham-radio bands -14dBp
  • 902MHz ham-radio bands -14dBp

Selectivity: -6dB 12KHz or more / -60dB 35KHz or less

Audio output power: More than 400mW (8Q / MAX)

DJ-G29 is a dual band handheld transceiver


  • Li-ion Battery Pack (EBP-73: 7.4V 1,200mAh)
  • Dry Cell Case (EDH-35)
  • Desk top charger (EDC-173)
  • Desk top charging Set (EDC-173T: T-version)
  • AC Adapter for Charging (EDC-170: T-version)
  • Cigar Lighter Cable for Charging (EDC-43)
  • Cigar Lighter Cable with Filter (EDC-36)
  • DC Cable (EDC-37)
  • Speaker Microphone (EMS-59)*
  • Speaker Plug (EMS-62: Waterproof plug)
  • Tie pin Type Microphone with VOX Function (EME-15A)*
  • Headset with VOX Function (EME-12A)*
  • Headset with VOX Function (EME-13A)*
  • Earphone Microphone (EME-21 A: heavy duty specification)*
  • Earphone Microphone (EME-32A: heavy duty specification with waterproof plug)
  • Earphone Microphone (EME-34A: tie pin-type)*
  • Earphone Microphone (EME-36A: waterproof plug)
  • Straight Code Earphone (EME-6)*
  • Curled Code Earphone (EME-26)*
  • Clone Cable (EDS-11 : waterproof plug)
  • Microphone/Speaker Conversion Cable (EDS-10/14: waterproof plug)
  • PC Connection Cable (ERW-4C: serial port)* (ERW-7: USB port)* *
  • Soft Case (ESC-50)

Alinco Incorporated  Electronics Division
FCC & IC Certification Report IC:  3070C-DJG29T  November 4, 2011

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