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Announced DX Operations | Radioaficion Ham Radio
Announced DX Operations

HI2DX Saona Island NA-122 [Update]
Friday, 31 October 2014 04:16

31 October 2014

Banner of HI2DX

DxCoffee is present!!!





22 July 2014

Rigoberto HI8RD, informs DxCoffee Readers:

IOTA DXpedition to SAONA ISLAND [NA-122]

“Saona Island was baptized “Saona” by Christopher Columbus, who discovered it
in May 1494 during his second voyage to the Americas. The name was meant
“… to honor Michele da Cuneo, [Columbus'] friend from Savona.

Saona Island (in Spanish Isla Saona) is a tropical island located a short
distance from the mainland on the south-east tip of the Dominican Republic.
It is a government protected nature reserve and is part of East National
Park (in Spanish Parque Nacional del Este. The Island is famous for the
natural beauty of its beaches, and has been used on many occasions by
film-makers and advertisers looking for a stereotypical “desert island”
setting for their film or product.  Saona is the destination of Hotel India
DX Club, Inc and a high skill team formed in a joint effort with Loma Del
Toro Contest Group, Radio Club Dominicano, Inc and Union Dominicana de
Radioaficionados (UDRA) being called “Saona Dxpediton 2014 Dream Team”.

Saona Island is located in the southeastern part of the Dominican Republic
(Lat: 18° 7′ 47.0814″ /Long: -68° 40′ 5.9376″) Surface area of 110 squared

A big effort combine with a great teamwork leaded by Joe, HI8C, and the
co-leader Tatino, HI3CC to head up a team of operators to be active as HI2DX
from Saona Island, NA-122 thanks to the help of all three radio clubs
working jointly to make this a new and interesting experience.
Activity will take place during 5 days and 4 nights operating 24 hours.
According to the evaluation of propagations forecasts we are confidents to
give DXers an opportunity to work this country prefix HI2 and Iota on all
the bands from 160m to 6 meters on CW, SSB and Digital modes.

The 20 over operators will be an international team from DR and the US,
pending confirmation, the operators listed are:
Operators listing might vary since we are inviting experienced operators to
join the team, a definite listing will be announced with modes and
frequencies details soon.

QSL Manager is Tim, M0URX will handle all request for direct, OQRS and
Bureau QSLs.

Our plan is to have 10 stations around the clock using dipoles, verticals
and other antennas.

For more details and updates, visit our website at:

The team is looking for sponsors, funds and donations.”

Thank you and 73’s



7 July 2014

Hotel India DX Club, Inc. informs DxCoffee Readers:

A totally new experience in DXpedition

Will take place at the end of 2014 by a team of operators leaded by Hotel India DX Club, Inc. in a join effort with top DX operators from Loma Del Toro DX Contest Club, Radio Club Dominicano, Union Dominicana de Radioficionados Udra and Radio Club De Santiago among guest operators from Florida Contest Group and other guest operators joining the team from the US.

We are glad to announce our fortune to have in the team some of the world’s most experienced CW DXers joining a team of over 20 top DXers operating on a 24 hours for five days in ssb, cw and digital modes from 160m-6m

To provide the possibility for every amateur radio station in the world – even those running QRP or very simple antennas – to make at least one contact with Saona Island.

To enable all level users and to DXers to put HI2DX in their logs on as many bands and modes as possible.

SAONA ISLAND is located in the southeastern part of the Dominican Republic 

(Lat: 18° 7′ 47.0814″ /Long: -68° 40′ 5.9376″) with a Surface area of 110 squared Km.






We hope you enjoy HI2DX, we certainly will !


HI2DX Team

QSL Manager for this activity will be announced soon!!!!


5T0ITU, Mauritania
Friday, 31 October 2014 00:15

Jean 5JT0JL/ON8RA / 30 octubre 2014

"En el aire" desde el  21 de octubre hasta el 7 de noviembre 2014 durante la ITU Plenipotentiary Conference (PP14) , celebrada en Busan, Corea del Sur.

  • Frecuencias 3504 - 7004 - 10104 a 14004 - 18.069 a 21004 - 24893-28004 

Sólo simplex, defiendo la verdadera comunicación entre la comunidad de radioaficionados, FUERA LOS MOLESTOS...

Me niego al clásico up up y al slit para limpiar el desorden. Recuerda 1 Khz puede contener de 10 a 15 estaciones en Cw sólo hace falta paciencia y un buen filtro.

No permitas que las máquinas de Cw invadan tu entorno y para aquellos que se olvidan un recordatorio, Cw en simplex, NO ES UNA ENFERMEDAD NI UN DEFECTO MENTAL ES UN ESTILO DE VIDA DEL TELEGRAFÍSTA DE BIEN que no tiene sutilezas para ejercer su ARTE.

Me identifico casi al 100/% con todas tus palabras Jean aunque no me imagino  FT4TA trabajando en simplex Cw...... Eso si todo iría mejor sin tanto cafre y con menos máquinas de Cw...............

73´s, Luis EA1CS

This Weekend: Ukrainian DX Contest
Thursday, 30 October 2014 23:00

After a very hectic CQWW, we are getting back to more of the ‘usual’ contests with the Ukrainian DX Contest, taking place from 1200Z Saturday, November 2nd through 1200 Z Sunday on the HF bands, including 160 meters, on CW and SSB.


1 point for QSO with own country;
2 points for QSO with different country on the same continent;
3 points for QSO with different continent;
10 points for QSO with Ukraine (for participants outside of Ukraine only).

Contest exchange: For Ukrainian stations: RST(RS) + two letters (oblast abbreviation); For all other participants: RST(RS) + serial number starting from 001. List of ukrainian oblasts abbreviations: CH CN CR DN DO HA HE HM IF KI KO KR KV LU LV NI OD PO RI SL SU TE VI VO ZA ZH ZP

Multipliers: DXCC countries plus Ukrainian oblasts on every band.


1 Single Operator-High Power-All Bands-Mixed
2 Single Operator-High Power-All Bands-CW
3 Single Operator-High Power-All Bands-SSB
4 Single Operator-Low Power-All Bands-Mixed
5 Single Operator-Low Power-All Bands-CW
6 Single Operator-Low Power-All Bands-SSB
7 Single Operator-QRP(max.5W)-All Bands-Mixed
8 Single Operator-160m Band-Mixed
9 Single Operator-80m Band-Mixed
10 Single Operator-40m Band-Mixed
11 Single Operator-20m Band-Mixed
12 Single Operator-15m Band-Mixed
13 Single Operator-10m Band-Mixed
14 Multi Operator-All Bands-Single Transmitter-Mixed

Electronic logs must be sent within 30 days after the end of the contest to e-mail. For further information, see the contest website:

Also on the air the “Himalayan” contest in the same times as the Ukranian contest. Please see

About Dxpedition activity, a real most wanted is on the air! After 14 years since the latest large scale operation, the island of Tromelin can be heard again with the callsign FT4TA. The all French team is composed by F5UFX FM5CD F5CWU F5SIH F4AJQ F5ROP F4FET. The operations will continue until 10 December on all bands and modes. 50 MHz seem to be planned too. Find out more about this Dxpedition, the island, the operators and the equipment on The website is available in English and French.


FK/JA0JHQ – New Caledonia
Thursday, 30 October 2014 16:48

Nobuaki, JA0JHQ plans activity from Noumea, New Caledonia as FK/JA0JHQ between November 21-24, 2014. QRV on HF bands, CW/SSB. QSL via H/c. FIRST FOR DX NEWS – DX-WORLD.NET

FT4TA, crece el nerviosismo
Thursday, 30 October 2014 16:20

En el aire desde las 19.00z, la operación comenzó en 14185.....

30 octubre 2014-17.00z

30 octubre 2014-07.00z

FT4TA Team / 27 octubre 2014

En unas horas, la totalidad del equipo se reunirá en la isla de Mayotte (FH), que finalmente será nuestro punto de partida. Algunos operadores ya están ahí, otros están a punto de llegar. Después de los controles finales, volaremos hacia Tromelin el jueves por la mañana al amanecer. Esperamos comenzar las operaciones por la tarde. Incluso si todos los indicadores son de color verde, sólo estaremos tranquilos y serenos una vez que estemos en la isla, ya que puede haber imprevistos de última hora.

La semana pasada, surgió la oportunidad de completar el equipo con una persona más. Después de la validación de las autoridades y del piloto de nuestro avión fletado, pedimos a Guillaume F4FET que fuera a Mayotte. Él estaba en una lista de espera desde el inicio, listo para salir en cualquier momento, y había llevado a cabo el chequeo médico. Paralelamente, participó en la organización de la operación, en particular, sobre el tema "Energía". El viernes por la noche, su participación fue dada como válida definitivamente.

Este cambio tan positivo de última hora nos permitirá aumentar significativamente nuestra presencia en el aire, y por lo tanto tus posibilidades de un QSO con Tromelin.

La presión sube y la motivación es enorme! Te daremos algunas noticias desde Mayotte, justo antes de salir para Tromelin!

  • Los logs a través de internet / teléfono desde Tromelin será posible gracias a una donación de]

73´s, Luis EA1CS

FT4TA Tromelin 2014 ...en el aire
Thursday, 30 October 2014 14:41

Dx World lo hace oficial......

ACTUALIZACIÓN 3  - @ 19: 00Z, FT4TA inició sus operaciones en 14.185 desde Tromelin.

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Thursday, 30 October 2014 13:30

YJ0X Team

Hoy 30 de octubre 2014 se ha subido a LOTW el log de YJ0X

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Thursday, 30 October 2014 13:16

"ZK3Q y ZK3E están QRT desde las 16.25z de hoy 30 de noviembre 2014 después de llegar a 27.000 contactos en Tokelau." 

73´s, Luis EA1CS

FT4TA ha llegado a Tromelín
Thursday, 30 October 2014 12:41

Dx World está haciendo una cobertura enorme gracias a la línea directa que mantiene con los operadores de FT4TA....ENHORABUENA Col...

Dx World 30 octubre 2014-17.00z

El equipo ha llegado Tromelin. Está seguros y bien, pero muy cansados ​​después de unos estresantes últimos días. Hay una estaición en progreso. Desde su llegada en la oscuridad sólo hay un mínimo de antenas instaladas, por lo que la actividad será limitada hasta mañana que estarán a pleno rendimiento.

73´s, Luis EA1CS

3Z2014DK Railwayman's Day 2014
Thursday, 30 October 2014 12:29

3Z2014DK Poland
La  Fédération Internationale des Radio Amateurs Cheminots (FIRAC), activa este indicativo especial del 8 al 25 de noviembre de 2014 para celebrar el Railwayman's Day 2014.
Qsl vía SP8AJC

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