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VM-10A-1 True RMS Volt Amp Meter | Radioaficion Ham Radio

VM-10A-1 True RMS Volt Amp Meter


VM-10A-1 True RMS Volt Amp Meter

True RMS Volt Amp Meter

True RMS Volt Amp Meter that accurately measures complex, non-sine wave signals. 0.02 to 200 V and 0.02 to 100 Amps ranges. External Current Shunts provide minimal circuit disruption.

The VM-10A-1 is a true RMS Voltmeter implemented with Linear Technology’s patented LTC1966 converters in terms of stability, accuracy, frequency response, input level linearity, complexity and crest factor dynamics.

A 20 dB amplifier provides 0.02 to 200 VAC RMS range for the converter driving a three and half digit digital panel meter. A “Specific Use” current shunt measures peak and true RMS current. Five current shunts cover 0.02 to 100 Amp RMS and are ideal for measuring rectifier, transformer and capacitor currents in low voltage DC power supplies. Caution must be used as the current shunt does not provide galvanic isolation - the low side shunt is connected to the measured circuit.

Download Technical Review by Dr. Ken Jenkins, WB6MMV

Applications and Features:
Designed specifically for power supply and rectifier testing.
High allowable crest factor (5:1) for true RMS reading of distorted waveforms
Ranges of 0.02 to 200 Vrms with 1 kV peak maximum.
Selection of AC only or AC + DC input coupling.
Precision 1 M Ohm input impedance allowing accurate division with 10:1 probes.
3 ½ digit DPM for 1999 full scale.
Uses Linear Technology’s patented LTC1966
With external, specific use*, current shunts 0.02 to 100 Arms can be measured.
Current shunts provide high-frequency response terminated into 50 Ohms for peak measurements.
* Specific use means the shunts are not general purpose “clamp-on” device. Caution: Current shunt BNC shell
is in galvanic contact with the measured circuit.  Intended for measuring current in low voltage rectifier and
power supply circuits. Not suitable for measuring AC line current due to lack of isolation.
In “DC Mode”, the VM-10A-1 measures DC inputs with higher accuracy and superior linearity than in the AC +
DC Mode
With an external bench power supply, the VM-10A-1 can be used as a Lo-Ohmmeter.
As a Lo-Ohm meter, resistance can be measured with 10  resolution - down to 0.00001 .
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