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Ham Radio Amateur Articles

Europe the future use of the UHF band

Report on the results of the work of the High Level Group on the future use of the UHF band

Pascal Lamy, Chairman of the High Level Group on the future of the UHF spectrum, proposes to repurpose the 700 MHz band for wireless broadband and asks for regulatory stability for broadcasting to continue in the 470-694 MHz band until 2030.

Pascal Lamy's report is based on 6 months of constructive dialogue on how to use the UHF spectrum band in the mid-to long-term future involving top executives from Europe's broadcasters, network operators, mobile companies and tech associations (see IP/14/14) This band represents prime real estate in terms of use, capacity and reach.

To reconcile different views and realities in a single scheme which could enable Europe to fulfil Digital Agenda for Europe's broadband targets, while giving broadcasting a clear path to invest and develop further, Pascal Lamy proposed to:

  • Dedicated the 700 MHz band to wireless broadband across Europe by 2020 (plus/minus 2 years);
  • Ensure regulatory security and stability for terrestrial broadcasters in the remaining UHF spectrum below 700 MHz until 2030;
  • Assess technology and market developments by 2025.

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Pascal Lamy's Report on the future use of the UHF band

Nueva Ley de Protección Civil

El Gobierno aprueba la futura Ley del Sistema Nacional de Protección Civil.  ANTEPROYECTO DE LEY DEL SISTEMA NACIONAL DE PROTECCIÓN CIVIL  OBJETIVOS DE LA NUEVA LEYEl Gobierno aprueba la futura Ley del Sistema Nacional de Protección Civil.



  • Objetivo principal: consolidar en un único texto legal todos los elementos del Sistema Nacional de Protección Civil, supliendo las lagunas existentes y garantizando la eficacia del sistema y su coordinación.
  • Poner mayor énfasis en la prevención de las situaciones de emergencia.
  • Mejorar el cumplimiento de los compromisos asumidos en la Unión Europea y en el ámbito internacional para afrontar de la manera más rápida y eficaz las situaciones de emergencia.

EA1MV silent key due to health cuts


EA1MV dies due to cuts in Spanish hospitals

Alcolado Antonio dies, GIST patient Lugo - Spain to his hospital denied for financial reasons, Stivarga. His son Marco directs us these words.

Rest in peace and demand more than ever be denied for financial reasons, to a cancer patient, the drugs they need to stay alive.

Antonio Alcolado letter, patients whose hospital has denied Stivarga LUGO

Dear friends:

Spain disconnected

Spain Google Tax Spain disconnected

The fee for sharing content on the Internet is unique in surrounding countries. They call it "Google Tax" to show that it does not affect you. That is something that is just a commercial issue between private companies. It affects all users. All enterprises. In all kinds of present and future projects.

Remember the first time you went online? I quickly found out what it was: a large collection of links to other places to find new content, knowledge access and sharing experiences. Internet based (or WWW) is Hypertext. Link. Limit your use affects fundamental rights such as freedom of expression, information and education. Access to the Internet and their content is a human right recognized by United Nations (PDF). Internet is an essential part of human knowledge.

The reform of the Copyright Act passed yesterday in Congress, in a special meeting in the Committee on Culture, criminalizes the use of the link and share content. Inalienable right to make an appointment on no significant content published on sites periodically update fragments.

The most infamous law in the history of internet

Google Spain rate

Google and aggregators stop linking Spanish sites

Today, July 22, the Committee on Culture of Congress passed with 22 votes in favor and 20 against the draft text to amend the Copyright Act, probably the most infamous law of history of the Internet in Spain.

The result has been that Congress has today approved the so-called canon AEDE (Association of Spanish Newspaper Publishers) also known as Google rate. A rate at which an inalienable right to periodically update any website automatically generates a right to collect on any other website is created that link right to charge to be collected by a body which SGAE and distributed among its members.

That is as provided for by law, Google News will pay rate, Zite and Flipboad have to pay rates, Facebook will have to pay fees, RSS readers also pay fees and Twitter also pay rate, any site that links to a newspaper Spanish is likely to see as they charge a fee.


GoTenna 151-154 MHz

Recuerdas los  walkie-talkies? … Donde no existe la costosa tecnología de intermediarios: No hay torres de telefonía celular. Sin facturas mensuales para pagar.

Ahora todos tenemos teléfonos inteligentes, y cuando falla la cobertura de la red celular,  Lo que necesitamos son iPhones walkie-talkie.

GoTenna 151-154 MHz

Eso es lo que goTenna está construyendo. La nueva compañía sólo ha comenzado a vender un dispositivo de radio de hardware que se empareja con el teléfono (iOS o Android) a través de Bluetooth y envía mensajes de texto de radio de la manera pasada de moda: directamente de un dispositivo a otro.

El XaTcobeo sigue operativo

El nanosatélite gallego XaTcobeo Funciona desde febrero de 2012

La Universidad de Vigo puede sentirse muy orgullosa. Uno de los satélites diseñados por sus investigadores, el XaTcobeo, sigue operativo después de haber sido lanzado el 13 de febrero de 2012 y a pesar de que su vida útil inicial era de tan sólo tres meses.

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